Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I came across Joey's one year photoshoot. Crazy to think he will be three next month! He is still cute, just in different ways. I decided to blog the list of things he did at 14 months that I currently keep on the "Meet Us" tab. I want to update that soon, so this is more journaling.

I was born in April >Forever true
I love hair and prefer my mom's >Slowly got out of the hair phase, along with his binky back in December 2015
I had to have two haircuts by 14 months >Average around one every 2-3 months
I (or mommy) don't have a clue what my eye color is >They settled to a light brown more than anything
I will crawl in rocks to avoid grass >He became acquaintances with grass
I love being outside >Still true, he'll brave nearly any weather to go play
I get super excited when I see a playground >What kid doesn't?
I love staying up late >Oh my yes
I have a love/hate relationship with baths (right now I love them) >Hates getting his head wet but fine with everything else
I am very small for my age >Still true
I take my sweet time learning how to walk >Started walking at 18 months, whew!
I love anything that rolls and will push it around the house >Now it's anything with a motor
I have cute gap teeth >And a strong frenulem 
I travelled to NM, AZ, UT, CO, ID, CA, and Mexico already >Nothing new since poor thing
I claimed this random valentine stuffed puppy as my own >I forgot about puppy!
I have three cousins born the same year as me (it's fun) >Good friends, but have bitten all three at some point
I would rather have my parents' food even if it's the same as mine >He's figured out he hates all of it
I want to be a dentist with how much I love sticking my fingers in mouths >Now it's more a professional cereal eater or cartoon watcher
I have an amazing daddy who plays with me all the time >Still amazing
I love my mommy and love being by her >Now runs away from her 

Sweet, funny Joey!

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Celestine said...

Such darling photos of Joey, and he looks so much younger. I am in love with that beautiful boy, and his many phases. So grateful that he's our grandson!