Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness

(This post has nothing to do with basketball, but I thought the title was appropriate.)

March has been pretty busy and fun for us.  March 2nd was my birthday and it was pretty lovely.  I'm officially 21!  I have been treated quite nicely by all my family and have gotten a lot of amazing things, thanks! 

There was also Spring Break.  It was relaxing and low-key, but for the life of me I can't remember everything we did.  I do remember getting an Albuquerque BioPark pass, and Sam and I took my niece's senior pics.  I can't believe she is graduating!  She has gone through quite a bit during high school and proud that she not only made it through, but with flying colors!  She will be attending BYU.  My favorites are being shared at the end of this post.  I also remember one awesome game night with some friends and finally getting to play Quelf.  That is one crazy game!

My calling has been getting a little crazy.  The Primary President had a baby the beginning of this month, I'm due a month later, and our Second counselor is moving this week.  I feel a little bad for the person who will be called in her place, she'll have to jump right in instead of ease into it like I have.

We also have been attending a birthing class and it has actually been useful.  Hopefully I can remember those things when I'm actually in labor (I might have to have Sam remind me).  The last one is tonight and we finally get to tour the hospital.

Sam's aunt and uncle have been visiting this past week.  It has been fun getting to know Aunt Cathy and Uncle Howard and doing fun family things this week.  They got to see our new place, along with everyone else's.  We also got to play fun games and they even stayed for my baby shower!  They really didn't have to!

I had two baby showers back to back.  On Friday night my visiting teacher and another good friend from our ward threw me a baby shower and I am overwhelmed with people's generosity!  Then the next day my mother-in-law threw me one and it was pretty fantastic.  Jessica did the party games and I want to thank her for her patience when it was a little crazy!  My goodness, we are pretty prepared for this babe!  Some of the wonderful things I got include amazingly adorable clothes, a huge array of blankets, toys, diapers, baby toiletries, an amazing diaper bag, and even a baby bullet!  Like I said, so overwhelmed with people's generosity (especially the grandparents')!  If I get the pictures I will post them later, along with some of the other weekly maternity pics (full term tomorrow)!

We are also playing in an Easter Program that is this Friday.  Some of it is a little challenging, and just how we like it.  The most challenging part is sitting through all the rehearsals (baby in my ribs most of the time).  It's fun playing the cello when pregnant because I never had my belly touch the cello before and I'm sure the baby can tell how I sound better than I can!

I think that covers most of the March madness.  Now, my favorites from the photo session: