Monday, August 25, 2014

School, School, School

Hey everyone who actually reads our bloggity blog,

For those of you who don't know, last week has been the first week of school for Sam and me.  That's right, I'm back in school full-time.  There has been a lot of thought put into finishing school, so here I am, back at UNM for the next three semesters until I'm done.  Soo close (yet so far it seems).  Our family is surviving.  In fact, we didn't leave Joey with anyone else for this entire first week (although that will probably change here on out).  I only go to school three days a week, so I have super long weekends every weekend, woohoo!  However, Joey has been throwing up and not feeling that well, so I feel guilty that I'll have to leave him to go to school this week.

This summer has been great.  The last little vacation we had before school was going on a little one night camp out in the Jemez mountains.  The campground was semi-closed, so not that many people were out there when we went.  My parents, two of my sisters and their families made it out.  A great time, and Sam even got me to sleep in his little shelter at night (just tarp and rope folks).  Enjoy the photos!

 This is Bailey.  My sister Heidi's new baby. 

 "Why is mommy holding a camera and not me?"

 This girl is something else.

 Sweet little Leah.  She turns one in October!

 Bailey's terrorizer.  What's funny was at night 
we couldn't find Bailey because we didn't see her 
cuddle up to sleeping Noelle.

 So happy after a wonderful night's sleep in my own tent
 (since mommy and daddy decided to sleep outside).

 Tried to get an artistic photo, didn't work as well as I hoped.