Saturday, July 30, 2016

7 Months


 ::Learned how to sit up from a laying position::Crawls on hands and knees albeit unsteadily::Teething with his 2nd tooth brraking through::Reaches for his mama now::18-19 lbs and size 6-12 month clothing::Eats solids 2-3 times a day::Still a happy camper::


I've heard some of the biggest jumps in development occur between 6-7 months. Well, this kid has become mobile and his personality is shining through more and more each day. He started with this inch worm crawl, but figured out how to get on his hands and knees. He wouldn't wait until his daddy came home to start crawling. He still doesn't pull up to stuff yet so he's not getting into too much trouble yet. Joey was a pretty chill baby and didn't crawl until 10 months old. Eli, although a happy guy, is soo wiggly and just wants to grab at everything!

He has been eating a lot more solids, but has been teething a lot this month. Drool, snot, fussiness, and chewing on his little fingers has been going on for quite a while. Now he has his two bottom teeth and can really hurt when he bites. Hopefully we can kick that habit before it starts.

Eli is very loved here in our home. It is amazing how much one little guy has changed our lices. So happy he chose our family to be with for eternity!

Decided to pick up a couple shifts at Target
because he can.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Pinegrove Cabin 2016

This was the first time since Joey was Eli's age that we got to be at my parents' timeshare near Pagosa Springs, CO. Despite Sam being in San Antonio, TX for a month I thought it would be nice to take a vacation during 4th of July with my fam. We spent a whole week there and the days definitely blurred together. Highlights included the dirt bike and 4-Wheeler, inner tubing down a couple rivers, a hike to Treasure Falls, the Malt Shoppe, daily trips to Walmart (no joke my family are true people of Walmart), and of course the 4th's parade and fireworks.

Everyone but Sam and my nephew at one point or another came up to this tiny cabin. I lucked out and got an actual bed probably because of Eli. It was crowded. First night I didn't think I could survive the week because my kids could not sleep due to the noise. After a curfew was set I felt a lot better. Eli was loved on lots and I think he l it. He was his happy, smiley self despite having a cold. Sadly he gave that cold to Joey and he acted a bit more miserable. Some others got the cold, but I lucked out miraculously (knock on wood). 

The weather was cool and rainy for a good chunk of the time, and of course I didn't think to pack jackets. But it turned out alright. It made it hard to send the kids out to play, haha. I never rode on the dirt bike or 4-wheeler, but that was all the kids wanted to do. It led to a nasty confrontation with the neighbors across the street. He was yelling so loud we could hear it inside the cabin, and they were not kid-friendly things. My dad was eventually able to calm him down and most of us did our best to not let that happen again!

Inner-tubing was really fun despite the river being frigid. We learned our lesson about how to tie the tubes properly when transporting them in trucks, though. We lost a couple with improper tube storage. On our last full day a group of us got to travel a good length down the river in town. A couple were inner tubing and during a big waterfall he fell off his tube and lost his trunks as well. His wife was frantically yelling "PETER! PETER!" when she was approaching, being scared and probably because he lost his pants. So from then on we said someone Petered if they wiped out on their tube. I also accidently got tangled in a fishing line (it is super hard to control where you want to go in tubes) and the girl got really mad at me. Whoopsy. 

The Malt Shoppe was the busiest I've ever seen it. Line out the door every time. Must have been the time and season to be in Pagosa Springs?

Lastly, the parade was really cute, but got long and hot, and we didn't get nearly as much candy as I was expecting. But we did get a huge t-shirt from Wyndham hotels...which is where Sam is staying in San Antonio. Sam's experience there included bed bugs and passionate neighbors. The fireworks in Pagosa were pretty awesome and some of the best I've seen.

And now for pictures!

Left: Joey's cute mug. Right: Hail the size of marbles.

Joey did not get along too well with his cousins, so this moment had to be documented. He also took his pants and diaper off and laid on his tummy on the deck or stairs everyday.

Little air show to start the parade.
Sadly Joey's favorite part (firetrucks) was at the beginning
so the rest was long for him.
Oh my horse poop.
Not your average steed.
Funny little float. Note the Dory swinging around.
An ad for a little Mermaid play...
It's probably best you didn't see King Triton's interesting hip dance.
We made matching shirts for all the kidlets.

After the La Luz, this was nothing. Even with Joey on my back.

Sorry random people, but you are on my blog now.

Only picture I got with my boys.
The overlook view my mom loves.
I didn't ride the 4-wheeler, but Joey did.

On the way home in Espanola. Joey just woke up,
but I had him get in there anyway. I think he liked it?
We lucked out with only a few bug bites, but Sam had several.
We have to figure out how not to bring them home!