Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Anniversary No. 6

Last month we celebrated our 6 year anniversary. Sounds crazy, but looking at our life now, we accomplished a lot in 6 years. 

On a week day we hired a young woman to watch our kids while we relived our anniversary by eating at the Tower of the Americas. I still think it's a little funny we moved to the place we honeymooned at, but I hardly remember the city, so it does feel like we are exploring it all over again. The restaurant is very expensive, has decent food, but you really pay for the ambiance. We then walked the Riverwalk a little bit and enjoyed what little moments we had without our kids. ;)

Look at these old farts!

What we looked like 6 years prior.
On our actual anniversary we decided to get a dozen donuts, visit the Natural Bridge Caverns, watch a baptism, then hang out at home and watch Lego Batman. Here are Sam's photos of the Natural Bridge Caverns:

My favorite part.

My second favorite part.

Very humid in there!

I couldn't tell you the history of any of it, but it was pretty cool. It has nothing on Carlsbad, of course, and I don't think we'll see them again due to the price ($40 for me and Joey to go through alone. Sam was free because of the military at least).

Happy Anniversary Sam!

Eli at 18 Months

Oh boy. I adore life with this kid (most times). He has such a happy and smiley personality and just became a year and a half! I'll make a list to paint a picture of this boy at this age.

  • Busy little guy, loves taking things out and putting them back, then taking them, out then scattering them for me to find and pick up.
  • Our fish! He adores going to the pool and having to keep us at arms distance at all times because of how crazy he is.
  • Says some words and is copying a lot more. Some of his words include: Mama, Dada, JoJo, shoes, binky (in his own way), war (water), bah (bath), Hi and Bye, and plgh (please). 
  • He loves loves making animal sounds!
  • Also loves cars and is his go-to toy at all times.
  • Loves to read books and gets excited when I mention reading them.
  • Starting to get aggressive (playfully) and is leaving marks! Usually it's just with us and hasn't really attacked any other kid.
  • Still loves mama's milk and trying to figure out the best way to wean him while maintaining my sanity.
  • Becoming a wanderer and doesn't come back unless is caught and dragged back.
  • Favorite foods: ? Only think I know for sure is fruit snacks. Everything else is hit and miss!
Love you Elijah!!

Moved to Texas

Hey Y'all,

Now that we are nice and settled in San Antonio, I feel it's time for a little update on how it went down and our life here now.

Our last week consisted of packing, Sam building a fort, and time without kiddos to do the loading and cleaning. Before the kids left the place we took one last photo in front of our apartment:

We will miss the people, but not the cockroaches, stairs, or parking far away!

On loading day, we decided to split up: Sam would forge ahead with the truck (we were afraid it wouldn't be able to make the trip in one day being so slow) and I took our van with the kids. My family helped bring our other car among other great things. Turns out the truck made really decent time and they made it to San Antonio before us!

On Labor Day our new ward came to the rescue and had our truck cleaned out in 20 minutes! Without stairs and a fleet of people it went really quick. They even brought donuts and breakfast tacos. We feel very welcome in that ward so far. (Of course, making our presence known we already spoke in sacrament meeting and I'm teaching RS on Sunday).

Sam officially started his residency in July, but June was paperwork, orientations, and training galore for him. We tried to make the best of the time he had! We made it to Sea World, Natural Bridge Caverns, the Zoo (just me and the boys), the DoSeum, and the Riverwalk. Still so much to explore in this area! We're happy to be in San Antonio!