Sunday, December 6, 2015

2.5 Years

Joey has now been 2 for more than half a year and I feel it's time for a little update on our little boy.

Ah, 2 year olds. It has definitely been an adventure having one. When he's happy he shows it through his big smile and big voice. When he's mad he lets you know, usually with actions more than words. But he has added quite a bit to his vocabulary since turning 2. I can usually understand what he's trying to tell me or what he wants even though sentence structure is not there. He flips his words around and it's cute. "Cereal want!" is what he's telling me at the moment. He is starting to grasp more concepts, which makes it more fun to teach him, like opposites and letter sounds.

Although he is getting more adventurous, he is still pretty careful for his age. Perhaps he gets that from me. He is finally enjoying going down the slide and will do it willingly, which has been a huge step in his occupational therapy. He also isn't big into climbing, but that's totally fine with me. Our new place has stairs and a loft and I never have to worry about him. He explores more and loves being outside. Joey is getting better at playing with other kids but has a problem with biting. BITING, how I loath thee! It is a very frustrating habit and hope he kicks it soon, especially with this baby coming.

 No potty-training yet. I have a feeling that it will take quite a while, like his walking and talking, before he's ready. However, he willingly sat on his little potty one night without a diaper, so we are getting closer! Joey still gets constipated and I really should be asking the doctor about it, since it has been a problem since he was a newborn.

Joey visited the dentist a month or so ago and we lucked out with no cavities. But the two things I thought they would bring up at the appointment they did. He has a very strong frenulum which creates his cute little gap teeth (just like his daddy had) and told me that he would most likely need that removed in the future. They also asked if he was a thumb sucker, but I told him about his "binky" fetish and was already trying to wean him. We tried cold turkey, but for my sanity I reintroduced it for nap times. He won't take a nap otherwise and gets really grumpy.

He is a total boy. Joey loves loves to roar and does it several times a day. However, he has made children cry by running up to their face and growling at them. Still loves anything with a motor, but he's getting into animals and dinosaurs. He has quite a collection of animal sounds and loves going to the zoo. He loves to pretend he is a monster or shark, probably so he can get away with biting us. "I'm just playing, guys." But he is a sweet heart. Joey loves giving kisses and being kissed, particularly when he gets hurt. "Owie, kiss it!" Then he says "better". Or he gives us kisses and says "mommy happy"!

Joey has been really patient with his parents. Since we've both been in school and have busy callings in church, he hasn't been getting the attention he deserves. Lately he has been hitting, kicking and biting us when we don't give him our full attention, but with a little baby coming along, I really hope we find an outlet for this kid. When I'm annoyed at his behavior, I just tell myself that he is craving attention and I need to be better at that. Maybe having a little brother will help more than hinder this whole thing! I think he will be a good brother despite not being the gentlest kid on the block.

Here's to being 2 1/2! Like I said, it's an adventure, but our lives would be so dull and have a lot less meaning without our Joey.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thoughts on 2nd Pregnancy

As I promised, I would say a few things about being pregnant second time round. It's hard to say if it has been easier or harder, but boy I forgot how uncomfortable it really is!


My first trimester was horrid, but it wasn't the pregnancy that made it so. Soon after finding out I was pregnant the family came down with a flu-like sickness. While Sam and Joey were on the mend I ended up with a double ear infection. I went to get some antibiotics, but ended up being severely allergic to them! I mentioned it in a post back in May of course. But I was pregnant as well, which complicated it a little bit. After getting over my allergic reaction I got an absolutely awful cough, and incontinence came along with it. Peeing your pants in public isn't fun. Then the exhaustion hit me. I could tell this part was hard on Sam. It was frustrating coming home to a messy house and no dinner after a hard day. But good news is I didn't get morning sickness (although my cough did cause me to throw up a few times). That and it was summer time so I didn't have to go to school.


Second trimester always saves the day. After getting energy back, I was able to be a good wife and mommy, and the cough disappeared. We found out we were having a boy around 14 weeks, and though people told us it wasn't for sure, baby boy wasn't shy the second ultrasound to confirm it. I have an anterior placenta, which would make things slightly more complicated if I were ever to have a C-Section, and it makes it harder to get a clear picture when I do go in for ultrasounds. I felt I was showing a lot faster than I was with Joey. By the time I came back to school, everyone I knew were asking when I was due, and I was 22 weeks!


Third trimester came with a few worries. I never took the glucose test with Joey and turned out fine. I decided to take it last minute before the next doctor's appointment to make them happy. But of course it came back slightly elevated. I doubted I had gestational diabetes and put off taking the 3-hour glucose test. I had an appointment with a midwife I haven't seen before and she was practically telling me I had gestational diabetes with my slightly elevated test and made me feel horrible for deciding not to take the 2nd test (although I'm sure it wasn't her intention. I'm just sensitive). I still wasn't going to take it, that is until I had my last ultrasound. Two more risk factors popped up (extra amniotic fluid and baby being in 85th percentile in weight). That is what helped me decide to sit at Tricore for over 3 hours. Another midwife at the ultrasound clinic and I planned like I already had it, making BPP ultrasounds weekly and whatnot. However, both that midwife and my doctor called me to let me know my last test was normal and there was nothing to worry about. HUGE relief. I thought it was unlikely for me to have it anyway, so this whole thing was surprising and taxing.


Another worry was that around 34 weeks I kept feeling his hiccups near my ribs, which made me believe that he was still in breech position. Being this far along in the game it would be very hard for him to turn. However, he turned by my last ultrasound because baby is head down. Yay! I don't want a C-Section if I could help it. Now, I am just super uncomfortable, the baby gets hiccups at least three times a day, and I have Braxton Hicks contractions constantly. Can't wait for this baby to arrive next month! He doesn't have a name yet, but he will by the time we leave the hospital.

My 6th month photo doesn't exist, and I am now 8 months. Woo-hoo! I am excited to be pregnant, but I am writing this post at 35 weeks, so sorry if I touched a lot on the negative parts!

Fall 2015

We're slowly catching up here on this blog. This post will have the NM State Fair, the Balloon Fiesta, and Halloween.

I didn't have much time to spend at the fair, but Sam's mom took us out (turned out it was a free day, so I got free funnel cake and a watermelon drink). We enjoyed seeing some farm animals and going on a little McDonald's adventure. Joey loved those little tractors and had to be pried away. If you didn't watch him close enough he would disappear and end up by the tractors again. We had to leave before the petting zoo, which was too bad, but there's next year!

I wasn't planning on going to the Balloon Fiesta, but all my sisters decided to go and I can't miss a sisters outing when it's planned out for me! I got to ride with my oldest sister and save some money on parking. When we got there I was thinking it wasn't that cold and the sun wasn't even up. Funny how when the sun first comes up it gets a lot colder. Joey really enjoyed the balloons and eating graham crackers with his cousins. Noelle gave us a scare and went missing for a good ten minutes or longer. She's good at disappearing. Here are a few pictures:

Cuddling with my happy Joey!

Hey, this ended up being Joey and Sam on Halloween!

Two separate balloons so expertly put together.

The famous Creamland Cow.

Cousins! Missing Kristy's oldest and youngest.
 This Halloween I knew I wanted to get on the Star Wars bandwagon. Sam's and Joey's costumes were set to go, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to go as. Queen Amadala would take more effort and money than I was willing to spend, but I came across the brilliant idea of putting the Death Star on my 7 month belly. Worked out great! We went to a Ward Party, a Hobbs family party, and trick-or-treated around our entire complex. Joey got plenty of candy! We also carved a pumpkin, but we definitely did it a few days too early. McQueen was not recognizable by day 3.

I free-handed McQueen. Not bad, eh?

Trying to get Joey to pose with him.

My costume.

Yoda. Y-O-D-A yohoda. I didn't realize how popular
Yoda was going to be this Halloween! But one house said "oh cute, Shrek!"
"No, I am your father."

Joey loved the light sabers!

That's all.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Washington D.C.

Here's yet another post! This time, I decided to share some photos I took while I went to a conference on Diabetic Retinopathy at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. It was toward the end of my two-week break between OB/GYN-Surgery and my Internal Medicine-Family Medicine blocks. What a great trip! Since Kiley went to Mexico without me, I decided to go to DC without her. (In all reality, I tried to convince her but she was too stressed with our recent move and starting school...).

On my first day, I decided to do some site-seeing. Sadly, I was feeling pretty sick so it wasn't as awesome as it could have been. Here are some photos I took around DC. What a cool city!

When I went to the White House, there was a crowd of people around the gate taking pictures (although that was true with most of the buildings in DC). I decided to take a closer look, and I saw a bunch of security guards in the driveway with some important-looking politicians. I couldn't see extremely well because of the distance, but I'm pretty sure Obama was there with them. At least I'll say he was!

This memorial was built to remember World War II. I was really touched to see how many service men and women died in the cause of freedom. We have quite the legacy! It's great to be able to join the ranks of the Air Force and continue in the service of our country. :)

The Lincoln Memorial was another one of my favorites. And it is HUGE! Lots bigger than I imagined! :)

If I had more time, I would have spent more time at the museums. Each of the Smithsonian museums was completely free to the public. There are so many cool things to see in the National Mall! I'm pretty sure this is the original Apollo 11:

In school, I have pretty much decided to do Ophthalmology as my specialty. I have been working with great physicians at UNM, and no matter what rotation I am in, I keep coming back to ophthalmology. There is a really good mix between primary care and procedures. I really like working with my hands, and the surgeries are both elegant and amazing, to restore vision to the blind! I really hope I can match...

My research mentor, the Chief of the Division of Ophthalmology at UNM, invited me to attend this amazing conference that he put on in conjunction with ARVO. It was a great success. There were many great presentations, and I met many people in the field that I am pursuing. Maybe next year I'll be able to present some of my research at one of these meetings! Here is a shot inside of the auditorium where I spent the majority of my days while at the conference:

The NIH campus is absolutely beautiful. I took some photos, so here are some of the better ones:

Lastly, I have to give you a picture of one of the LONG escalators from the metros in DC. This is the escalator from the Bethesda metro station. In reality, this is only half-way to up. There was another escalator we had to take after this one! It was lots of fun to go traveling, but next time I really want my family to be with me. :)

Due with Baby #2

As Kiley mentioned in a previous post, she's expecting baby number 2!!!!

We're really excited. The due date is December 19th, which would be the ideal day for this baby to come. I finish my block in school on December 18th (followed by a two-week break), and the week week prior to finishing I have a bunch of really hard tests, so that baby better not come early!!! :)

Here are some of the ultrasound photos from our 20 week ultrasound. It's pretty clear he's a boy!

And no baby-post is complete without the creepy 4-D images they can now capture. Here are some of the stills. Joey still calls baby "Baby Monster" when he looks at the pictures:

Kiley says she promises to post some belly-bump progression pictures and tell everyone how her pregnancy is going. You can hold her to it! :D

Summer 2015

Hi everyone!

It's blogging time again. First of all, here is how our summer went. For memorial day, we went on a hike up Embudo Canyon, which is at the top of Indian School and the foot hills. It was a nice little hike, and Joey loved being outdoors. It's awesome to see how much he has grown! I think we're putting more about him in another post (so Kiley tells me). :)

Here are some photos from our hike:

Kiley was a trooper on the hike. The last picture was her climbing to the top of a cliff because I thought it would be a fun adventure and good picture. Not to mention she was pregnant and in her first trimester. But it's a good picture, right?

Then, Kiley went to Mexico with her family. She had a blast (like always), and I was stuck in school. Yup, story of my life. Here is what Joey decided to pack for the trip (or at least what he shoved in the suitcase when we weren't watching too closely):

We also had a busy summer because we had to move. Twice. Here's the story: our landlady decided to sell her house, and didn't think it would sell too quickly because it was priced pretty high. It was put up for sale in May, and we were hoping it would be on the market for at least a year. Sadly, someone decided to buy it, but our landlady was convinced he wanted to keep us as renters and it would be more of an investment for him.

Almost immediately after the house was sold (in August), Kiley received an email from the new landlord that he was planning on moving in our side of the duplex, giving us a total of around two weeks to move. Luckily, it was during my break (between my surgery rotation and internal medicine), so we held a yard sale to sell some of our bigger pieces of furniture and headed out shortly thereafter. Here is the last photo of us as a family in the duplex. We'll miss that place! And this wall that we spent so much time painting! :(

We moved in with Kiley's parents for a month and a half until our new place opened up, and then on October 1st we moved into Student Family Housing. We like it here, but it's not like our nice little duplex. And the internet is really crummy. Oh well! Maybe I'll spend more time with family and less time surfing the web now. :)

And of course, we can't finish a post without having a cute picture of Joey with his face covered in frosting. Yum!