Thursday, January 16, 2014

Most Wonderful Time of Year

December was busy busy busy.  But as always, that's what makes it fun.  Let's see if I can remember any details...

 Jo Jo loves his Daddy

Our Decor for this year.  Pretty satisfied with it.
The Boyacks (our next-door neighbors) hosted a ginger bread house-making party. 
 If you can't pick out Sam's, you don't know him at all.  :)

I *HAD* to get a picture of Joey with Santa. 
 He did well until I called his attention to the camera
 and he saw that I wasn't holding him.  Ha.

 The latest Kartchner family photo.  Man it took some planning to get everyone here together.  
There was a few hour slot that worked so we got the tri-pod and got this shot.  I think it turned out great.  
Can you guess the three heads that were photo-shopped?  (NO ONE in my family guessed all three)

Sam and I decided for Christmas eve we would visit the zoo.  We found out there are some perks to going on this day.  First, it's free.  We walked straight in.  Second, no one is there.  I mean no one.  Not even the staff.  So they aren't there to say you can't go into the exhibits (Joey enjoyed playing the orangutans...jk jk jk).  Lastly, the only staff we saw were feeding the ducks, so you got to use tons of duck feed for free.  It was pretty sweet.

 Joey was pretty stoked about his new Christmas PJ's.  We spent Christmas eve with Sam's family: 
Golden Corral dinner, games, caroling, it was awesome spending time with those that could make it.

 Christmas morning.  We got some awesome things, 
but I enjoyed spending it with Sam and Joey.  
He might understand more of what was going on next year!  

 And though we got awesome things, no one was more excited 
about his gift than my dad, who got a Red Ryder bb gun.  
He knew what it was right off the bat without opening it.  Ha.

This new year we made some goals, and we will be sharing them in the next post.  I think we're off to a good start.  I already made some home improvements that I'm still goo goo-eyed over.