Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Halloween Extravaganza 2017

This is actually Kiley posting, not Sam. Some catching up to do, so this post will be a little long! We had a blast here in Texas and never celebrated Halloween with such vigor. It even lasted beyond October! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking and caption all the stories.

Grandma Hobbs sent a Halloween care package in the mail
 and the boys had a field day over it. Here they painted Halloween crafts.

Left:Making a pumpkin snowman. Right: Joey's new Halloween socks.

Joey broke our mirror on Saturday the 14th (a day too late, haha).
 Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patching, 10/14/17
We went to Braune Farms to pick our pumpkins out. We rode in on a tractor (not the one pictured).

We always spend the most time in the corn pit.

It was a hot day! One of those times you try to will Autumn to come faster I guess.

Hay bales to climb! Eli's in heaven!

And slides to slide!
Goats, sheep, and pigs, oh my!

They muddied up really fast!

Other activities included golf, bouncy castle, face painting,
 and purchasing candy apples and other goodies.

Is it a sheep or goat?

Joey always picks a half rotten pumpkin every year and refuses to switch it out.
Sam chose an expensive size, and Eli doesn't care as long as he has one.
 Neighborhood Party

Police doing a demonstration at our Neighborhood's Fall Party.

Joey wanted to be a firefighter for Halloween, so he was in heaven.

Most of the food was gone when we got there, but there was still some popcorn.

This and the Bouncy House were Joey's favorites here.
 Cookie Time

Joey in heaven decorating pumpkin cookies. Not a bad job on his part!

Sam came out with the best cookies this time round.

Finished Products.

We dropped some off at our neighbors' house and got asked for the recipe.
Successful batch this year!
Elementary School's Carnival

Joey's school hosted a carnival and it was so fun. This time the weather was very windy,
but Joey loved it (especially that root bear float!)

The school's spirit squad. They are so cute I had to snap a shot.
I really like Joey's school and his teachers.
(Can you spot the girl that's taller than me?)
Zoo Boo

This one we just happened upon. We were getting Halloweened Out, so I wasn't
looking for something to do, but going to the zoo proved to be extra fun! 
Pumpkin Decorating 

I decided to try something different on my pumpkin this year, and it turned out so beautiful. Crayons, hot glue, and a blow dryer (it does get messy!)

Eli scooping out the guck.

My pumpkin was done, so I had camera duty!

He looks so old in this picture! Joey went for a traditional face.

Sam wanted to make Joey's favorite character off Paw Patrol.

His definitely took the longest.

The result!

Hallow's Eve.

Day of the Dead/Halloween/Book of Life Ward Party 11/3/2017

"I'm David Pumpkins!"

"And I'm Part of It!"

Recycled Yoda costume.

Joey the Firefighter

Amazing decorations!

"I'm going to scare the heck out of you!"

"Any questions?"
Other notes:

We went to Sea World to go trick or treating but we didn't take any pictures! Bummer. It was really cute, but I think they pulled out their big guns for the adults (which happened after our bedtime) so we didn't go see the haunted houses and such.

On actual Halloween it rained cats and dogs. We went out during the wrong part of the night because it cleared up after we finished. It was nice meeting some of our neighbors. One house we were about to walk up to had a skunk cross the porch. Um, no thanks!

The ward party was the only time Sam and I dressed up. We showed up a little late, but it took a while before dinner was served, and by the time any other activity was going to start, we had to go home for Sam's bedtime. It was a bummer for us, but it was a really cool theme otherwise! They had the Family History consultant talk, a haunted graveyard, and a pinata filled with candy, along with a chili cook off. Oh well!

We'll see if next year comes close to what we did this year!