Tuesday, August 23, 2016

8 Months


::Our Mr. Mobile Man, cannot sit still ever::Learned how to pull himself up to everything::Even started to cruise and hold with only one hand::Becoming a mama's boy::Enjoys baths, reading books, and eating shoes::Sometimes claps and moves his finger to his lips and it's adorable::Will be switched to one year clothing soon::


Oh my heart! It seems to be going so so fast. This kid is learning so much and it's exciting to see, but it also means he's becoming a little boy and not a little baby. He learned to pull himself up to things, cruise along furniture, and even started to let go with one hand! Joey didn't do this until after a year old, so we're going to have our hands full with this one.

Still a happy little guy, unless tormented by his brother, hungry or sleepy, or just wants his mama to hold him. Eli loves to be where Joey is, and Joey either loves it or is bothered. Either way Eli ends up crying from Joey's rough housing. I thought maybe Joey will be softer when he's older and knows better. However, I saw an older brother wrestling his younger hard to the ground so many times at this party we attended that I realized it will only get worse! Better soak it up when they still like each other.

Walking in the Bosque
Pull up to everything, even the bathtub!
That smile!
Showing off his new skill
We love you Eli!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Mexico 2016

Hello all who might actually read our blog. I suppose it's time to post about our recent trip to Mexico. When Sam was planning his schedule we worked it out so he could go since he couldn't last year. It worked out. Barely. Sam got off the plane in Albuquerque around 8pm only to get on the road at 6am next day.

The boys did pretty good and we had no incidents (puke, accidents, etc). We were able to drive into Phoenix around lunch time. My family drove to Phoenix the day before so while they were checking out of their hotel I ran into Old Navy to buy Joey some shoes (one was nowhere to be found and we would have to unpack the entire car to get to another pair). I got lucky: I got the same exact shoes he lost on clearance, and the only pair left was his size. Win! After a delicious lunch at Zupas, we headed to the boarder and crossed it.

All the days at the beach house are a blur, but activities included: swimming, snorkeling, boogie boarding, board games, kayaking, shopping, eating ice cream and chicken, sand castles, walks on the beach, and napping. No stingrays this year, but we had no less than four jelly stings! Joey's favorite activities were playing on the porch, playing in shallow water, and playing with his cousins.

Two stories: first, the banana boat. I love love it every year. This year I rode it with my sisters, uncle, nephew, and Mariah. Got to love Mariah. We were whipped over a particular wave that sent one half of the riders (and Devery who was on my side of the boat) into the ocean. Mariah told us that her swim bottoms went clear to her ankles when she went under. We laughed and wondered she would get back to the beach house if she lost them completely. My nephew and I were the only ones who survived the ride without falling off!

Second story is about a rip tide. My two nieces were playing in the ocean when they noticed they couldn't touch the bottom anymore. My uncle spotted them and tried to help them back in, but the tide was too strong for him to carry two girls and himself. My sister jumped in and eventually they were able to get the niece with a life jacket out of the tide. That tired them out though, because they couldn't get my other niece in. Finally my nephew in high school came to the rescue and got her so my uncle and sister could save themselves. There was a similar experience in San Diego when I was young with my brother and cousins. Needless to say, it is scary business!

Original plan was to stay the night in Tucson on Friday and do the rest of the trip home on Saturday. Sam decided it would be nicest on us to get it over with. So early Friday we left Mexico and got home in decent time. Overall it was nice to be able to do nothing and relax on the beach every day. Joey did a lot better than last year in the sand. He refused to touch it in any way and now it was a joy to see him having fun!

Our sleeping arrangements. Eli was going to be in the pack n' play but Joey is too much of a wild man to have freedom during the night (although one night he was so tired he put himself to bed without us knowing!)

This was Eli's bed: pillows and blankets on the floor.
Sea turtles come on this beach to snack on the jelly fish.
Too bad this one died before he could eat them:
we had so many in the water!

Eating at the ice cream place we always hit up.
Where you will always find Joey

The day the waves took over
I had to quit because it was too hard to get out there enough to boogie board!

Family photos!

Don't know when we will be back, but it was nice to have Sam back after a month and be able to relax without too much responsibility, haha.