Monday, May 30, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

Hi everyone!

These have been some wonderful past few weeks, but it isn't without lots of trials. I'm so happy that Kiley and I only have 20 days to go! That means that tomorrow, we'll be in the teens. Crazy! :)

Anyways, school went really well last semester, but both Kiley and I were very ready for it to end. We were pleasantly surprised that both of us got straight A's this last semester! That was amazing, especially since it was the hardest semester that either of us had experienced so far.

Now that we're out of school, we are doing our very best getting ready for the wedding that's coming up. Kiley is frantically working with her family to plan the details of the wedding, and I'm helping where I can. I recently applied for and received a nursing position in a nursing home (Princeton Place) where I am working almost full-time. It was a great blessing to receive this job before Kiley and I are married so I can save up and be able to support a family. I am making $24.50 per hour, so I think this is my highest paying steady job as of yet! What a great blessing!

Sadly, I haven't taken too many photos. Kiley and I are pretty sick of being engaged -- we just want to hurry up and get married! The idea of eloping sounded very good to me, but sadly, I think we're just going to have to wait another 20 days or so.

One of the activities that Kiley and I did shortly after school got out was a trip to the zoo! We had a fun time searching for animals whose name started with each letter of the alphabet. Here's Kiley modeling our "f" animal, the flamingo:

This is the cutest, hugest rodent ever! This is a capybara, the largest rodent in the world:

The only bad part about going to the zoo was that we left a little late, since I had a meeting to go to that morning. Since the afternoon sun was pretty hot, many of the animals just wanted to lie around and do nothing! Hmmm.... Sounds like me! :)

Actually, the tigers weren't quite resting. They were roaring and clawing at each other after the female tiger got upset over a *cough cough*, umm, an unwanted encounter with her male counterpart. Then they were just hanging out in different bedrooms, angry at each other. Oh, the drama of the zoo!

Here I am pretending to be like this cool looking bird:

The polar bears were super funny! They had a little dance routine going on. Especially the one on the right. He would do the same thing over and over in rhythm, moving his head around, walking back and forth, and even doing a complicated "grape-vine" step where he'd put one paw underneath the other to walk. So cute!

Here's a majestic peacock modeling what just happens to be our wedding theme colors:

And of course, the future wife and husband to be, sitting on our thrones, getting ready to take the spotlight: :)

All of the cool animals made me feel like I was part of the Lion King! There were hippopotamuses, warthogs, hienas and lions (see above), and even beautiful cheetas!

The giraffe came so close to us I could almost stick out my hand and pat him on the head! He was looking for food to eat, so he extended his super long neck and tongue and tried to grab a branch that was close to me and Kiley. I think he succeeded:

This was really cute, too. This elephant was thirsty, so he stuck his trunk into the water and sucked up water. It then sprayed the water into its mouth. The cutest thing was the huge smile it had on its face and the fact that all of the water just poured out of the elephant's mouth while it was trying to drink! We nicknamed the elephant "Mason" for Kiley's little nephew, who always seems to smile and drools more than any other kid I know. It was the cutest thing! :)

Of course, ever since I was little I've wanted to ride on top of a dragon. Little did I know that the only dragon at the zoo was a komodo dragon! Kiley, knowing of my wish, tamed this wild komodo dragon with her sweet kisses so I could hop on its back and go for a spin!

And, last but not least, my favorite part of the zoo -- the gorillas! They aren't the cutest or the sweetest creatures, but they sure have personality! Just look at this one (I'm sure he's the one who angrily throws things at the crowd):

Thank you so much for taking me to the zoo, Kiley! I had a blast! :) I hope you enjoyed the photos!