Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3 Months


::Drooly drooly drooly::Found his little voice and laughs::Over 14 lbs::Sucks on his little hands all day::Threatening to move into 6-9 month clothes::Wakes up twice each night::Has cradle cap and a nice bald spot::Likes to be held::Still loves baths::


I love this baby so so much! As much as the newborn stage is nice because they sleep a lot and cuddle more, he is getting more and more fun! His happiest time of day is waking up in the morning. We get the best smiles, kicks, and laughs out of our little guy. 

One thing that happened this month was Elijah's baby blessing. It was more low key than Joey's, which was nice. We had grandparents there, Jessica's family, Shauna and her kids, Kristy and Chris, and Heidi. Eli was given a wonderful blessing and I'm grateful for all the awesome people in my family, especially these two guys (and Joey, who doesn't stay still for any photo).

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Celestine said...

You're right--Eli is certainly getting more smiley and fun as he gets older! What a cutie pie, and you can tell that he's SMART as well as handsome! I love my grandbabies and miss them! I also love my Joey--his beautiful face and smile, and all his quirkiness!