Wednesday, February 8, 2017

From Babe to Toddler

Eli has been one for a month and a half now, so I should probably post about his birthday.

Poor thing having a birthday in the midst of all the Christmas celebration will always be gypped. I tried not to make it so, but man is it so so hard! Luckily he turned one this year so he won't feel that way and it will give me time to figure out how to balance his birthday right before Christmas. I was going to throw him a birthday party in January, complete with a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme, but now it's February and it doesn't look like it's going to happen. At least I got this cute photoshoot in!

This is what we actually did for his birthday: Explora was still open on the Eve of Christmas Eve, so we headed there for a non-Christmas activity for his birthday.

Loving the golf ball contraption.

Loving the actual golf balls even more!

Look who found the trains!

Tucking the train under his chin so he can carry more.
Then we headed to Sam's parents house for dinner, Christmas gift opening, and singing happy birthday to our little one-year old.

Eli sporting the Wild Thing wolf hat my mom made for him.

In heaven with all these goodies to pig out on.

So is Joey.

This was earlier in the month, but my family celebrated December birthdays, which included Eli's.

It's amazing what hitting that one year milestone did for Eli. He really did become a toddler and now solely walks. No more crawling for this kid! He is also gaining such a little personality. He hates tortillas, which is a surprise. Who hates tortillas?! Eli also started to refuse his binky for a few weeks. It was rough, but he started to take him again and falls asleep a lot faster now. (Still wakes up one to two times a night the stinker).

Eli wasn't feeling well for a couple weeks, including his birthday, but he is such a trooper. Joey loves him too. He refers to Eli as his puppy, his favorite cousin (other than himself, haha), and likes to feed him. I hope he will start to use words or at least sign some soon. The closest we got was his signing "more" when I egged him to do so. I'm sure when it clicks he will learn fast.

Love you sweet stuff!