Wednesday, August 31, 2011


School's officially back into session for us, and it's going pretty good so far. We made sure to take a "lighter" load this semester to get used to the responsibilities of both school and marriage. Sam's taking organic chem for his major and in preparing for the MCAT (which he could be taking in a year!) and I'm getting acquainted to my new major, Family Studies.

We are also taking an institute class together, and I absolutely LOVE the first lesson: the Plan of Salvation. Nothing brings you back into perspective like studying the wonderful plan Heavenly Father created for us. If anyone knows me, I really fret about the little things (like homework) and I always seem to lose that perspective. But I have to realize that those things never matter too much in the end, as long as I give my best effort. What really matters are those timeless moments that in this day and age are hard to recognize. I came across this Mormon Message and I loved the message: "May we slow down a little, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most." I hope you like it, too!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

San Antonio!

Now that it's been a while, I guess we should blog about our awesome honeymoon!
Since I made most of the decisions for the wedding, I let Sam pick out the place. I knew I would enjoy almost any place because I was going to be with him, and that I trusted that he wouldn't be too cheap. So he picked San Antonio, TX.
And I was alright with that.
After the events of the wedding day, we got to spend our wedding night in the place we live now: a cute duplex near the University that Jess and Seb held for us until we could move in (pictures to come). In the morning we drove off to the airport to start our sweet vacationing. (We decided driving might be miserable and we didn't want a certain car to break down...)

People kept mentioning the fact that we decided to vacation in Texas in the middle of the summer, and of course it was on my mind the fact that it would be very hot. Surprisingly when we got there, the weather was really nice and we got used to the humidity rather quickly. Plus our hotel was well air-conditioned (it better have been for the price). The only day that was miserable happened to be the day we decided to go to Six Flags. We only took one picture:

It was so crowded that day! Each line lasted about an hour and it was HOT. Not to mention no shade. We decided to head back to our hotel after riding 4 rides total. Bummer.

The next day we went to Sea World. I personally was more excited being the animal lover I am. We ended up enjoying it a lot more because the stadiums were covered and the lines were not nearly as long. See how happy (and adorable) Sam is?
We went straight to the Beluga Whale show when we got in. There was still time before the show started and we found awesome seats. There was a guy dressed a little weird walking past and it wasn't long before we knew we would have a little mini show before the main attraction. He was being absolutely silly and before we knew it, we were pretty wet (we were even in the no-splash zone)!

The show was amazing! I absolutely love beluga whales for their marshmallow heads and how sweet they look. Don't you want to ride one?
And don't forget the porpoises.
We then decided to go find the shark exhibit and stumbled upon the Dolphin Cove. Conveniently we happened to stumble upon it right before a dolphin feeding and got great places in line before the huge crowd came.

For a few bucks we got to feed and touch the dolphins! It was really cool! Sadly we had to leave when we ran out of fish.

We then got to see the sharks like we originally planned for. We also happened to come when the fish were being fed, too!

The Shamu show was pretty cool, too. It was getting hot, so we purposely sat in the splash zone. I guess we were too high up because this time we didn't get wet. But it was still amazing watching these animals. How on earth do you train them??

Sea World even had rides. We actually rode more rides at Sea World than Six Flags. Intense.

We found out there was a temple in San Antonio and decided to do a session before we headed home. We were at first disappointed because we also found out there is no clothing rental service, but we called in and they told us to come anyways. How nice!

The temple was sooo beautiful! I was almost jealous, although the Albuquerque one is pretty, too. We quickly did a session because we had dinner reservations.

The trip to the temple was definitely one of the highlights of our honeymoon, but before we closed our vacation, we decided to have dinner at the top of the Tower of the Americas. The restaurant itself rotated so you could see all of down town San Antonio! You could see our fancy hotel: the Grand Hyatt.

The dinner was very tasty. When we ate out, we slipped that we were on our honeymoon to see if we got something out of it. This restaurant gave us a personalized copy of their menu. Aww.

Many of you might be disappointed in us, but we did not visit the Alamo despite it being a few blocks away from our hotel. We also spent minimal time by the River Walk. Sorry! We felt so lazy and spent a huge chunk of our time lazing in our hotel room (I felt sorry for the maids-- our room looked pretty bad):

The entire trip was soo amazing! The fact that I was able to be with the love of my life 24/7 was absolutely wonderful, and I do miss it despite loving every minute of the real married life. I want to thank Sam for planning and paying for most of it. And for being such an amazing husband and being so good to me. Each day my love for him grows, and I cannot wait to see 50 years from now and truly see how wonderful life is!