Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Last of Fall 2014

Hello everyone!

This post is the rest of our October that we captured in pictures.  Joey went to his first little pumpkin patch (sort of), we enjoyed our ward's Trunk or Treat, and we played a Halloween concert on the Children's ward at UNM hospital.  So, here are the pictures:

Joey playing with the car I grew up with.

At Galloping Grace:

                                      Joey not sure of the festivities                                     Leah Bee-a's 1st birthday 

                                                 I adore that silly face of his                                               Tractor time

                                          Mason and his faces are priceless                                  Working the water spigot
 Joey and his sensory activities (didn't like the corn pit that much)

"Ride 'em Cowboy!"

 Joey is full on walking now,
but here is the demonstration of his
willingness to actually be on his feet!

The mother? A year old.  The piglets? Ten days.

This pig and I have bonded.


                        Left:  Costume repeat: flying monkeys with our monkey who hasn't formed his chrysalis yet.
                        Right: Bandits, burglars, or Dick and Jane. Your choice.

This year for Thanksgiving we are planning on traveling to Idaho, which is a first for me. Looking forward to spending time with Sam's family!