Monday, September 26, 2016

9 Months


::Three new teeth and one on the way::Learning how to climb on things and up stairs::Clicks his tongue and loves to clap::Obsessed with cars like his brother::Prefers table food and mama's milk::Bear crawler::Happy with mama, but can be very social::20 pounds, 29 inches::


This has to be my favorite age so far. Eli has gotten so adventurous, yet still contains that baby innocence that I will miss. He loves to be held by me, but will go up to people and give them huge smiles. Really, everyone tells me what a happy little guy he is.

Teething, though....He gained his right incisor first this month, and in just these past few days his left incisor and left front tooth popped through. It leads to rough moments but a little comforting and he is a-ok. Eli stopped trying baby food, especially baby cereals, and would rather eat what we are eating. It's worked out though if we pop it in the blender.

Climbing is something new. He is no pro, but he learned how to climb up stairs (I haven't given him too many opportunities to climb down, it's scarier). He loves climbing the little slide in our park. He also loves cars and will roll them around (as opposed to just sucking on any other toy we give him). Eli continues to follow Joey around and gave his first gut laugh a couple days ago when Joey flung himself onto his mattress over and over again.

Here's to being out of the womb as long as in!

Mommy has high hopes I can feed myself,
but it just ends up on the front of me.
Little monkey.
Smiles while passed out on mom.
Blondie with bronze skin.
Toothy smile.
Not so little anymore.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Warning: Cuteness overload! We love our boys so much and they love each other (when they're not pinching each other or pulling hair). Eli is still so innocent but is starting to love tackling, biting and pinching. "E-i, timeout!" Joey will say, and to be fair we put Eli in his highchair when he does something "naughty". But Joey and Eli love being near each other and will follow each other around. And I love it.

Started wrestling when Eli was 5 months.
Joey's always wrapping his arm around Eli's neck.
Joey likes to help feed Eli.
Favorite part of their day: brother bath!
Add bubbles and color tabs and they are in heaven.
Eli started following Joey around.
If Joey isn't bothering Eli, Eli is bothering Joey.
Both love being outside.
More shenanigans in Mexico. 
They fight over toys now though Eli is still 8 months!
I'm so grateful to have these two boys in my life. It is no picnic being a mother and being outnumbered during the day, but my heart grew ten times ever since these two have entered into my life. I hope they continue to nurture their relationship and become best of friends (a mom can dream right?)