Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Post Thanksgiving!

This year was an excellent Thanksgiving.  We went to both of our families' Thankful Feasts and we enjoyed the wonderful company, food, and love.  Joseph especially enjoyed his meals.  So much he didn't stop until we had a reflux accident and changed into pajamas early.  Here are pics of this year's festivities.  Enjoy!

 Cute pilgrim hats.

 Coley's home from BYU for Thanksgiving!

 Jo-jo and Pop-pops

 We're starting the next Beethoven here.

 Ryker is getting blessed today.  Look at those locks!

 Look at him eying that food.  
The face says it all.

We are filled with much gratitude this year.  We feel so much love from our Heavenly Father and all that He has done for our family.  Thank you everyone for your love and support!!  Happy post Thanksgiving!  (Now for Christmas time!  Yay!)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Extreme Update on Life

Hello everyone!  It's been a while, but we are loving it here at home with our little threesome.  Even though I'm staying home at the moment, it's hard to find the time to sit down and update this blog.  Naptimes are precious to me!


Anywho, here are some pics and commentary of the last three or so months!

4 MONTHS: Getting to be such a big boy.  Look at those thighs!

He did well with a bottle for a good while.  
However, I left him with Sam one night and he refused.  
A week before turning 5 months, Sam pulled out the rice cereal 
and said he loved it!  I missed his first solid feeding session, 
so I made Sam do it again the next day for documentation.

We had a fun little photo session at my mom's one day.  
I thought these turned out nicely.

5 MONTHS: Can't see it, but has a LOVELY bald spot in the back.



Stole these pics from Jessica's blog.  Above: best photo of cousins yet.  
Middle: Dinner at Julie and Brad's house with the whole crew.  
Below: Dinner with everyone that could make it!  
Joey threw up his entire stomach contents shortly after this picture was taken.

These were taken on our little adventure around the falls.  
Sadly we couldn't get any with all three of us, but enjoy!

 Such a sweet boy.  And getting so blond too.


"Beau, why don't you take your pacifier at home?"

Last picture of everyone.  (Bad lighting, sadly, but still fun)

6 MONTHS: Sits up by himself, very picky with his solids: 
doesn't like everything he can eat and likes things he shouldn't eat.  

For Halloween Joey was our baby MD and we his patients.  
This was the only picture taken of our family.  Thanks Chelsea!

More details of these past few months:

MEDICAL SCHOOL:  Sam has been in med school since July.  He's really loving it and is doing really well.  So far he's taken public health courses, anatomy with the lab, genetics, bio statistics, embryology, hematology, and a bunch of other things I can't think of right now.  Sam decided he would really love to do surgery instead of family practice.  It would change our future plans, but plans are never permanent.  I had a feeling he would change his mind as to what he would specialize in anyways.  He is home a lot more than you'd think and helps and plays with Joey all the time.  It's great :)

CALLINGS: Sam and I get pretty busy on Sundays.  Sam attends two morning meetings in addition to the rest of them.  I am always upstairs with primary.  It's been fun rotating teachers around since our ward split and a few good teachers had left our ward.  I wrote the entire primary program that we had end of September.  Woohoo--it was stressful.  Not the writing part, but being the liaison between music and the presidency.  Sam feels he could do a lot more with his calling, but he already holds Monday night FHE's with investigators and new converts, goes teaching, attends meetings, and such.  Plus he's in med school, so Bishop knew he would be busy.

FAMILIES: Our family is doing fine and dandy, but a few things have happened this fall.  My sister Devery delivered a healthy baby girl, Leah on October 10th. Jacob and Shauna found out they will be having a little girl in February, and she already had a baby shower.  Jared got a new job out in Palo Alto, CA but Jenny's still in Santa Fe with the boys until their house is sold.  I'm sure there is more, but it's been eventful on the extended side.

ORCHESTRA: We joined the UNM Health Science Center Orchestra for fun.  We also are playing in our stake's Messiah this year (although I only went to one practice and can only go to two more).  These orchestras meet on the same day at the same time (Sunday evening) so it's been very interesting.  For the UNM one we're playing Swan Lake, Danse Macabre, Blue Danube, Mother Goose Suite, and a Sax rhapsody by Debussy.  It's been fun and the conductor even contacted some ballet companies to participate.  Our concert is this Sunday at 7 in Keller Hall at UNM.  The Messiah is December 6th and 7th at the San Victorio Chapel.

TRIP TO UTAH/IDAHO: We convinced Sam's parents to take their trip to Idaho on a week Sam didn't have school.  After "that sounds fun!" then "it's too soon" then "okay, we're still going" then "no, we have colds", and "they would be disappointed. we'll go", we set off on our first family road trip (without being in the same car as any of our parents).  Joey was a really good boy, and Sam drove most of the way there and back!  

We stopped in Provo the first night and crashed at my brother Darren and Cait's cozy place.  We woke up to a parking ticket, though (we were next to a fire hydrant...but it was dark when we arrived!).  We treated Darren and Cait to breakfast and played Ticket to Ride with them.  After they left for their classes, we grabbed Cafe Rio and enjoyed lunch with my neice Nicole, who's loving it at BYU.  We enjoyed the tour of her fancy dorm room (no really, it's awesome), then hit the road for another four hours, to which we enjoyed a speeding ticket (10 over). 

We loved being at Grandma Hobbs' place!  We played games, talked, napped, ate, and went on walks.  Bigger outings included going to the temple for the 6am session (FYI not my idea, but still fun), Julie and Brad's place, visiting Sam's cousin Kelsey in jail, and a big dinner where everyone who could come did (all of Sam's aunt and uncles and a few cousins).  More detail in Jessica's post.

The way home I got to drive some and it was exciting; however, I could calm Joey easier when he wasn't so happy, so I had to give up the wheel most of the time.  We made it home in time to watch the balloon fiesta fireworks while on the freeway and a delicious Dion's special.  We enjoyed the trip very much!

HALLOWEEN: I think Halloween will be a little more fun next year when Joey will be trick-or-treating age.  This year I painted a pumpkin (I might update the post with more pictures) at Shauna's house, bought too much candy (only two trick-or-treaters), and went to the Trunk-or-Treat where I was one of the judges for the costume contest.  Joey won best baby costume, but I wasn't the only one that voted!

WHEW that was a long post.  Thanks for reading it all!  Tune in in a couple months for the next one, haha.