Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Major Change and Some Photoshoppin'

Things don't always go to plan...and for us it's a good thing!

The original plan: Sam and I graduate in 2014 from UNM together.  Yay!

New plan: Sam changes majors from Biochemistry and Spanish to a B.A. in Chemistry and Spanish and graduates a year ahead of schedule!

Sam was already getting tired of going to school and decided for the heck of it to look at other majors to see if he could cut back some schooling and came across the B.A. in Chemistry.  It looked good and something he would enjoy (for the most part).  However, now that he's graduating ahead of schedule, that means he's taking the MCAT in May and applying for medical school really soon!  It also means that the next few semesters could be pretty busy.  Good luck Sammy!  (I wish I could graduate ahead of schedule).

So far in this semester I was able to have a good chunk of free time and tried to spiffy up my photoshopping skills by trying different effects and such.  I can never really reach my desired effect, but what can you do?  Here are some I've done recently if you care to look:

Before and After: making Sammy a cool cat

Before and After: creating a ghost glow while saturating the bushes

Before and After: doing a half tone sepia


After: creating a flare and all-out sepia

Before and after: warming up the sun to lighten us up


After: Playing with texture, sharpening the photo and putting a glow around me (a bit narcissistic?)

Here it is in B+W

Maybe one day I'll be a photoshop mastah.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Job Interviews

Today I had a job interview with the City of Albuquerque, where I might do clerical work in City Hall or work with kids at a community center.  It's pretty exciting to have a job that has the exact hours I was hoping to have.

Sam also has a job interview later this week at a Pediatrics and Family Practice Clinic.  If it works out, that would be so great for Sam.  As much as he likes his job now, he's keen to move on from the geriatrics scene.  We'll keep you posted.