Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweet Picture

Here's my favorite picture from the previ0us post that I cleaned up a bit:

Catching up

Yup, I've decided to post again. Last week, I got into baking. I probably made over 100 cookies, but they mysteriously disappeared after my mom went to young women's on Wednesday night. However, here's a sweet strudel cake that I baked for my uncle Vernon's birthday:

On Saturday, I went on the tram up the Sandia mountains! I went with Sara Hardy, Jared, Jenny, and Mario. We had a great time; here are some pictures while we were going up, though they're not the greatest as most of them were shot through the glass in a crowded tram car.

Can you see the giant, petrified fish?

I thought these shots looked like something out of Jurassic Park:

Now wouldn't that be fun to zip-line down?

I want a cabin like this one; I think that would be pretty sweet! Although, then I'd have to buy myself a tram for my commute to work... Hmm, I'd probably save on gas money that way!

After the tram, my family and I went to the temple for my endowments. I loved it! I was only disappointed because Jess and Seb couldn't make it, and because I didn't get any pictures. Hopefully Jared got some good ones of me and my parents!