Monday, December 15, 2014

Attempts for a Family Photo

This year I wanted to get Christmas cards designed and printed early before we headed up to Idaho for Thanksgiving. It's a little hard to get a good one of Joey when all of us are in the picture and no one guides his attention to our tripod. But with the help of Photoshop, we did alright this year. Here are the final products:

And here are some other fun shots we got when Joey got a little restless:

Walking never felt so good.

Sweet smile.

Mischievous too.

And Big eyes.

Silly faces.

Tugs at my heart strings he does!

That's all, folks!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Last of Fall 2014

Hello everyone!

This post is the rest of our October that we captured in pictures.  Joey went to his first little pumpkin patch (sort of), we enjoyed our ward's Trunk or Treat, and we played a Halloween concert on the Children's ward at UNM hospital.  So, here are the pictures:

Joey playing with the car I grew up with.

At Galloping Grace:

                                      Joey not sure of the festivities                                     Leah Bee-a's 1st birthday 

                                                 I adore that silly face of his                                               Tractor time

                                          Mason and his faces are priceless                                  Working the water spigot
 Joey and his sensory activities (didn't like the corn pit that much)

"Ride 'em Cowboy!"

 Joey is full on walking now,
but here is the demonstration of his
willingness to actually be on his feet!

The mother? A year old.  The piglets? Ten days.

This pig and I have bonded.


                        Left:  Costume repeat: flying monkeys with our monkey who hasn't formed his chrysalis yet.
                        Right: Bandits, burglars, or Dick and Jane. Your choice.

This year for Thanksgiving we are planning on traveling to Idaho, which is a first for me. Looking forward to spending time with Sam's family!

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Year and a Half

Can you believe this boy is Nursery age?  While Sam was taking a nap after running a marathon I took this little guy to the nearby park to do a tiny photo shoot.  I didn't really edit any of these though.  Maybe when I have time...

I'm so glad to be this guy's mama.  I wish only the best for him and hope that we can provide that for him.  Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of my silly boy (he wouldn't take any formal pictures).

Ah, in his element.  He is getting really, really close to walking.  He'll take quite a few steps then decide he's faster and more secure crawling.  As long as he has the desire, right?  We pretty much have a toddler in our hands (throws tantrums like one, too).  Definitely time to watch what we do or say around him, haha.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Duke City Marathon 2014

I can't remember exactly when Sam decided to run a marathon, but he was getting into long distance running and thought it would be a great goal to have.  Every year Albuquerque hosts the Duke City Marathon and for his birthday Sam signed up!  His friend in his Medical School class signed up as well and they were going to run together.  School was getting busy, but Sam still would get up very early in the mornings so he would have time to do some long distance running.  It crept up!

He ran the marathon on the 19th (yesterday) and did great!  We invested in good shoes so he survived without any injuries (apart from not being able to walk normally). He completed it in 3 hours 57 minutes!!

Here are some before pictures I took:

 Sam and his friend (it was still dark out, sorry it's blurry!)
Super surprised how many people choose to run this marathon! 
This line extended way back.

Our Stake Conference was that day and Sam told me he would take it nice and slow.  So I decided I would have time to attend a little bit then head on over to the finish line and take awesome photos of him.  Well, I got a text saying "3 more miles!" earlier than I expected so I bolted to downtown.  Since there were so many people and roadblocks, I couldn't find a super close parking spot.  But I did my best and ran to the finish line.  Then I saw Sam turn the corner and run past me.  I couldn't even catch up to him and I didn't just run 26 miles like he did!  Sorry I didn't get epic photos of his finishing.  Oh well.  Here are some "after" pictures: 

 I made this sign for him and had him use his last strength
 to stand there and hold it so I could get a picture.

So positive!  Taking a little break while walking to the car.

Sam ran with his friend over half of the way, but decided to run on his own after mile 16.  He was able to keep going by saying "that person shouldn't be in front of me" and passed them.  He was able to talk about school and the church with his friend, then listen to some general conference (it was held on Sunday after all).  In the car he kept telling me "Why would anyone do this to themselves?" And I couldn't agree more.  At home Sam was getting some serious chills and had to hop into bed to take a long, nice nap.  I made a nice, carb-ilicious lunch after he was done feeling like throwing up.  He is now back to normal except for the extreme soreness.  Way to go on completing your first marathon, Sam!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Joey at 17 Months

Joey turned 17 months a week ago and I felt it was time for an update both on him and the blog.

He is generally a happy boy, but he doesn't like you leaving his sight.

He is in love with toy cars and balls.  Any car is his car, and he'll let you know.

He enjoys climbing on top of things, including his mom and dad.

He used to be a great little eater, but he's starting to have more interest in playing than eating.

He won't go to bed until you are exhausted and need to go to bed yourself.

He will sit and watch a movie, and although it's suggested no screen time until age 2, it's worth my sanity.

He doesn't use a lot of words yet, but he does know mama, dada, bah (ball), go! (outside), vrrm (car), nana (no) and "uh oh!"

He loves going to the park or being outside in general.  He gets really mad when you leave without him.

He loves books, but we still have to use board books.  He's not afraid of ripping a page or two!

He found out he loves to draw, mainly with pens and pencils.  My homework, the sheets...

He is still clogged.  Poor little guy it takes him a couple days to get something out of him.

He has the cutest little gap-toothed smile courtesy of Sam.

He is 17 months and is still not walking.  We're making baby steps on the matter (pun intended), but he's having some balancing issues and he's not very confident.  He can stand on his own if you distract him and will take a couple steps if he thinks you're about to grab him.  He can cruise just fine and recently let us hold his hand and urge him to walk.  I don't know if he's really stubborn or if something's going on, but he is still in physical therapy (been since June).  I feel like a bad mother because every time there is a new baby that is starting to walk that is considerably younger than him I get frustrated, and I shouldn't.  I just need patience.  Being a first-time mom can be hard.

Now here are some pictures of Joey hamming it up for the camera:

Monday, August 25, 2014

School, School, School

Hey everyone who actually reads our bloggity blog,

For those of you who don't know, last week has been the first week of school for Sam and me.  That's right, I'm back in school full-time.  There has been a lot of thought put into finishing school, so here I am, back at UNM for the next three semesters until I'm done.  Soo close (yet so far it seems).  Our family is surviving.  In fact, we didn't leave Joey with anyone else for this entire first week (although that will probably change here on out).  I only go to school three days a week, so I have super long weekends every weekend, woohoo!  However, Joey has been throwing up and not feeling that well, so I feel guilty that I'll have to leave him to go to school this week.

This summer has been great.  The last little vacation we had before school was going on a little one night camp out in the Jemez mountains.  The campground was semi-closed, so not that many people were out there when we went.  My parents, two of my sisters and their families made it out.  A great time, and Sam even got me to sleep in his little shelter at night (just tarp and rope folks).  Enjoy the photos!

 This is Bailey.  My sister Heidi's new baby. 

 "Why is mommy holding a camera and not me?"

 This girl is something else.

 Sweet little Leah.  She turns one in October!

 Bailey's terrorizer.  What's funny was at night 
we couldn't find Bailey because we didn't see her 
cuddle up to sleeping Noelle.

 So happy after a wonderful night's sleep in my own tent
 (since mommy and daddy decided to sleep outside).

 Tried to get an artistic photo, didn't work as well as I hoped.