Thursday, February 25, 2016

2 Months


::Smiles when prompted::Starting to find hands::Takes a pacifier well now::Doesn't poop a whole lot::Almost 13 lbs::Still only sleeps 3 hours in one stretch::Occasionally able to roll::Starting to gain a bald spot on the back of his head::Half-way into 3-6 month clothes::


We love our smiley little guy! He still cries (especially when there is unsupervised time with Joey), but he definitely is getting more social. He's also on the bigger side in terms of size. He's 99% for height(!) and 66% for weight. I love chunky babies so it's a nice contrast to our pipsqueak Joey (He was really cute too, though). Here are some other photos of our 2 month old.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Update on our Boys

Almost caught up (until next week, when Eli turns two months)! Having two children is no walk in the park. You think it will only get twice as hard. Think ten times as hard! But I think I more or less have the hang of it now. Some things you just have to let go.

This is Joey as a big brother summed up right here.  He just wants to be where Eli is...literally. That is his first instinct upon seeing his little brother, which is to lay on top of him. Talk about constant vigilance on my part, haha. He's getting a lot better. He wants to kiss Eli to make him happy whenever he is crying. 

Eli reminds me a lot of what Joey was like when he was the same age. However, a few differences include Eli's size, which he is a little chunkier. Eli also doesn't mind baths, which Joey still hates. In fact, it is one of the few things that will immediately calm him down.


::Mellow baby for the first two weeks::Around 10 lbs::Likes baths::Snacks more than eats::Doesn't like pacifiers::No true smiles yet::Sleeps three hours at most::Poor thing has baby acne::Likes to be held and swaddled::Handles tummy time fairly well::

Joey had to get in the photoshoot and do his thing.
"Baby happy!" Not.
Aww, we love his sweet face!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Newborn and Family Photo Shoot

For Christmas I asked for a photographer to take family photos and capture our little Eli (it is too hard and stressful to do it yourself, you know?). A week after going into the hospital we met at Jessica Sego's house for the shoot and I loved how they turned out! It was a feat with our family (particularly our noncompliant oldest child). Eli did great, of course. Here are most of the shots for your enjoyment!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Christmas 2015

Finally starting to catch up on our blog! Having a baby and a toddler is no picnic! I will start with Christmas, my favorite time of the year! I thought, no better time to have a baby right? Hahahahaha.
I did finish school (earned my bachelor's and everything), so as soon as that shin-dig was over, it was time to start the festivities!

This year's Christmas card. Joey refused to look at the camera.
I went to the River of Lights for the first time this year. It is so beautiful. I was SO sure I would go into labor that night that we had our hospital bags in the car. At least the exercise was worth it for the sights. Thank you Grandma Hobbs for the tickets!

I forgot how big I was! So glad not to be pregnant anymore!
I see I already lost weight in my face as well!
Got to see our friends play in the bell choir! My friend Samantha
had her baby almost two weeks late. I shouldn't complain about 4 days!
Where Joey would have been all night if we let him. He loves his trains!

The next weekend we went to see Star Wars! I didn't think I would be around to see it having a newborn, but my body was stubborn! Later that evening we went to the Ward Christmas party to have Pop-eye's chicken and see Santa Claus! We needed our annual screaming photo!

To ensure I wouldn't spend Christmas in the hospital, I finally decided to have my waters broken and Eli joined us on the 23rd. 

Our hospital stay. Sam hates it every time, but this time was harder.
Harder because we had Joey! Siblings can now visit
 babies at Pres, and we wanted our family together.
Being in the hospital during Christmas is a special time:
Eli got a stocking to fit in and KOAT 7 came to film all the babies.
Click here to see the little clip and see if you can spot him!
 We came home on Christmas eve and had some company over. We saw Jacob and Shauna, my parents and Heidi's family, and then had Sam's parents over for dinner. A little crazy coming home from the hospital, but I wanted family to meet Eli, so there you have it.
Following in his brother's footsteps? 
Joey opening his Christmas PJ's. 
No pictures of the actual big day, but we set up a huge train track with new trains for Joey to enjoy on Christmas morning. We went to my parents, but stayed home the rest of the day (between a new baby and a bad rash Joey had on his face we felt it best). My dad gave us his White Elephant gift from that evening: a Gingerbread Train Kit. We thought we would give it a try:

But Joey liked it (for the candy).
 Lastly, our gift basket we got from Sam's grandma. It seemed pretty awesome until you opened it and saw how skimpy the company was on the goods. We loved the thought and there were still some good things in there. Thanks Grandma Pitcher!

I swore to myself I would never have a December baby again. Shortly after having him both Sam and I got the flu, then I immediately got mastitis after that, and Eli is rough on me in terms of nursing. This and it being a really busy time of year I was pretty frazzled for a while there. Thank you to family and friends who thought of us during this time!