Monday, September 22, 2008

Mission! (Almost...)

Hello all! I'm just blogging to say that I'm sorry I never blog anymore, but I am going to be set apart as a full-time Elder in about 4 hours! I've been slacking in my picture-taking, but hopefully I can do better at that as well. Here are some things that have been going on here in the ABQ:

Courtney Dawson's Wedding! Go Courtney!

Rackel coming to visit! It was awesome to see you, Rackel!

Jessica borrowed a couple of babies to hint to her hubby her heart's true desire:

And of course, how can you forget the photo-shoots in the new suit? Thank you to Grandma Pitcher for getting me this amazing suit and throwing a family party last night!

Thank you mom and dad for always being the greatest parents! I don't know what I would have done without you. Enjoy your peace and quiet while I'm away!

Okay, last of all, I just want to say that you can probably keep checking my blog for updates. I have added some of my family members as authors, so if nothing is posted for a long time, it's not my fault! I'm planning on sending pictures home and writing often, so I guess we'll see how it goes. If you want to keep in touch, here are the addresses that you can reach me at starting Wednesday:

Starting on 24 September 2008, you can write to me at the following address:

Elder Samuel David Hobbs
Chile Antofagasta Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

I'll probably go to Chile sometime around the middle or end of November (I should be getting the specifics after I get to the MTC). After I get to Chile, I have a pouch mail address. I can only receive postcards and letters that are single sheet, folded into three-panels, and taped at the top (no envelopes). The address will be:

Elder Samuel David Hobbs
Chile Antofagasta Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

When I find out anything else, I'll try to get the word out. I am so excited to go serve! Thank you to all my friends and family out there who have helped me along the way!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Here are some pictures of our trip to Idaho! It was awesome! Thanks to everyone for their hospitality, fun, food, and wonderful spirits. I'll miss you all while I'm on my mission!

Here's a nice little rock-climbing rest stop by the Hole N"the Rock. Rest stops are much needed during a 14-hour car ride!

Dinner at Dan and Tam's:

A couple shots from Scott and Gabby's:

Crazy mud run in Idaho Falls -- Jonathan and Kendall did awesome!

Here are some pictures at Grandma Hobbs' house. It was great to see her!

After church on Sunday, we took some pictures at the Idaho Falls temple. What a beautiful temple!

We had tons of fun eating at the Hatch's house, playing games, running after the kids, and visiting with one another:

I thought these little animal outfits were SO CUTE! Why don't they have them in my size???

Here are a couple little mischievous youngsters. But how can you be mad at them when they're so cute?

Sadly, Sebastian couldn't come on this trip with us because of law school. Little did he know that his wife would soon become so baby hungry with all the little kids around that she would have a spontaneous pregnancy! Crazy, huh?

I again just want to thank everyone for making this trip amazing! I would come again in a heart beat, even with the 28 hours or so of driving. It was a wonderful weekend!