Saturday, August 17, 2013

4 Months Ago

It's been a while.  I CANNOT believe Joe Bear will be 4 months on Monday.  Wasn't he born last week?  We are head-over-heels for him, although he can be a temperamental little guy.  He goes through phases and some I'm sad he doesn't do anymore, and others I don't mind to see them go.

I have here photos of the first three months, with narration:

Taking him home: SWEETEST BABY.  I felt bad for other 
moms with babies who cried.  A week later I was in their boat.

I loved his little newborn grunts, squeaks, and faces.  
Trying to gain control of your body is hard!

His cord fell off a week after he was born.  We were excited to give 
him his first real bath.  As you can see he sure wasn't.  Poor thing!

 However, he warmed up to them: here's the next bath time.  One stoic dude.

We needed to do a newborn photo shoot before, well, he wasn't
 a newborn anymore.  Jenny did one the day after he was born,
 but it was so fun, I had to do one myself!
"Oh, oh, oh, oh."

Tummy time is hard business.

This pic is the winner!

What an angel!


B+W (excuse the poor photoshop job of making Sam's legs into a blanket).
 May 4th: Ryker was born.  They were so little!

ONE MONTH: No way.  Still so little, though!

 This is one of the phases I miss.  He gave "his first look
all the time and it was presh.  Future model?

 We decided to bless the little man at Sam's parents' home.   
Beautiful blessing, I know he will be a great man some day.

 Spending the night at my parents' house when Sam was gone for a month.

Cousins.  Need a pic of Beau and Joseph, too!

This little guy went international.  We spent a good few days in Mexico.  

 Beach babe.

 TWO MONTHS: Daddy has been gone half my life by now (and boy have I changed!)

It's great having Sam back!  
Sweet seeing him with Joey.

 I play with toys now!

 3 MONTHS: Out of his screaming for no reason phase (mostly).

Like a good friend said about her little girl, I want to freeze him where he is, yet when he is in a new phase, I change my mind and want to freeze him then!  I'll have to take his 4 month pictures soon.  Packing the newborn and 0-3 month clothing was sad, but hopefully Joey will have a brother one day who will use them, right?