Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dear Joseph,

Today marks your second birthday. This year was beyond fulfilling for this mama and I hope it was for you too. What an amazing little boy you are! It is astounding seeing all the things you take in each day. You like to smile and people tell me that all the time. They love your sweet smile! You do have moments where you seem inconsolable and you help me learn how to be your mom. I cannot wait to be done with school so I can spend all my days with you again!

You finally learned how to walk and are doing more than that now! Thank goodness for Physical and Occupational Therapy. They really helped you catch up to where you needed to be. You started walking at 18 months, which was boarder line, but it definitely brought new possibilities to a toddler. You are a lot faster and more efficient when it comes to getting to places.

Speaking of places, your favorite places (now, maybe not then) are the park, the zoo, the library, the duck pond, and grandparents’ houses. You always loved the park pre-walking days and I’m so glad it’s warming up so we can take you again! You weren’t too fond of animals until recently, but now you love them! Especially ducks. You love feeding ducks and getting too close to the edge. Lastly, you love playing with toys at the grandparents’ home, but you don’t like sharing too much with your cousins.

You are beginning to play with other children and it’s just so darn cute. I have to thank your “aunt” Crystal for taking you the days I go to school so you can play with Rachel to your heart’s content.  Another one of your favorite buddies is your cousin Hudson. You two are glued at the hip when you are together. I never saw it coming, seeing as Hudson is three years older, but you play so well with him and he thinks you are a doll! You now have been in nursery for six months. Luckily mommy subbed in nursery during the crucial time period: you never had serious separation anxiety! I worked in nursery and know how difficult it can be for everyone. You love snacks (especially fruit snacks), their cars, and bubbles.

Oh, bubbles. That is another recent thing and one of the few things you can say. You can also say baby, ball, bye, bum-bum, Beau (another cousin), daddy, no, car, cartoon, choo-choo (for train of course), nani (you made it up yourself and it means food), one-two-three-go, mama (on rare occasions – you call me daddy most of the time), and a boat-load of animal noises (they represent the animal themselves). You can point to many parts of your body and the only one you have trouble with are your knees. But you can locate your shoulders, hair, cheeks, bum-bum, hands, feet, belly button, teeth, tongue, ears, eyes, and nose. So cute!

You love movies and cartoons. Your first favorite movie was Cars and the cover is super worn. But you’ve taken a liking to Monsters, Inc., Big Hero Six, and PBS cartoons. At first you loved Dinosaur train, then Curious George, but now it’s back to trains with Thomas the Train. You had a fetish for only cars for the longest time and anyone that knows you knows that! But now you love anything that has a motor. Trains, planes, cars, helicopters, motorcycles. You have a noise for each of those, too! You can entertain yourself fine with a couple of cars and your imagination. I would love to see what you do in that little head of yours.

You are pretty small for your age and I don’t know of many kids your age as small as you are. You kind of drown in two-year-old clothes, but you still look cute in them. You are a little bit of a snake eater in that you eat very little for a few days then pig out for one day. Your favorite foods include cuties (oranges), graham crackers, mac-and-cheese, quesadillas, grapes, cereal (Life, preferably), juice, and candy. Not a lot of substantial things, unfortunately. We can sneak some Miralax in your juice so you stay nice and unconstipated. But you can’t have any milk – it clogs you right back up. But at least we found a system that works for us: hurrah!

You are the sweetest little guy and love to give hugs and kisses. Nothing puts a smile on my face than when we are cuddling and all of a sudden I feel your cute little lips on my forehead. You love Mommy and Daddy’s bed, so it makes it a little hard putting you to bed in your own crib, but Daddy finally has a system and can put you down in no time. Mommy has to work harder, perhaps because you have a harder time seeing her leave your room. But you sleep through the night and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

I love you sweet boy. I hope you continue to be your happy self. You have so much potential and I hope that we can give you the resources and love you need to reach it! Here’s to being two!