Monday, February 25, 2013

Love Day 2013


It's been over a month, and a few things have happened since the last update.  Sam received an Full-ride Air force scholarship to med school.  We're excited about it, however, it won't be easy for either of us.  It will definitely leave us debt free while he goes to school, and he'll receive amazing training in leadership roles and such, but he'll have to leave me and the babe for a month this summer and probably the next [insert sad face].  But we feel it's the right thing to do to not get in debt for his schooling and for me to stay home.

I forgot if I ever mentioned this, but Sam and I moved to the other side of the duplex.  We were apprehensive at first, but never looked back once we settled in.  The place is soo much more spacious and has laundry (big plus).  Add a backyard for gardening and playing and we are happy as clams.  I'll load pictures when I have the chance.

I entered my third trimester oh, say over a month ago.  Seven more weeks to go!  We are so excited, but still have to gather all the necessities.  Some things can wait, but diapers and such would be nice to have before he comes.  Still feeling fine other than not being able to bend very well and having Tums at hand every day.

Lastly, we had our third Valentine's day together.  Our first one we barely were engaged.  I definitely was the most creative then.  I had Sam go on a scavenger hunt around town and try and find me (which he did after going to the wrong place in the end).  I decided that as fun as that was, I'd rather spend the time with him and not use so much gas.  I really don't remember last year's other than making a card for him: "I'd give up Swedish fish [my favorite candy] to be with you...good thing you never asked."  This year I made another card that said "You are my 42...The answer to my life, my universe, and my everything."  (If you don't get that reference, then you never read Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.)  Sam this year was SO sweet in showing up with a dozen red roses after a day of school, along with some Swedish Fish and Star bursts.

Here are the pics from the day:

                                   Card from Sam's parents                      The flowers and makeshift vase

 I also wrote 14 things I love about Sam and hid them around the house.  He found them all within a couple of days.

A dozen of donuts from Donut Mart.  (Krispy Kremes is still better.)