Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby Announcement Poll

Hey Everyone!

Kiley and I are enjoying life more than ever with our little Joey, even though he has finally found his voice! We call him our little "cat": his little cry is just too cute.

I am finishing up my last week as an undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico, and I am looking forward to spending some time with my new son before I leave for COT (Commissioned Officer Training) and start Med School. I am going to three different graduation ceremonies and skipping out of the big one! It should be great. :)

Kiley and I just finished making drafts of three different Baby Announcement ideas that we thought were cute, and we want to know what you think! Please leave a comment telling us which you like the best. We are not yet sold on the photo or the exact layout, but we would love some feedback. Thanks!