Friday, March 21, 2014

The Happenings

Time for another update on our life.  Jo Bear turned eleven months a few days ago.  Unacceptable.  But he has learned so much that kid has.  It's exciting when he starts copying what we do.  Anyways, here are some photos since they are more interesting than my ramblings here:

Usually I can get him to fall asleep if I lie next to him 
so he can grab my hair.  After prying my hair out of his grasp 
his arm stayed that way.  Too cute.

The trips to the zoo:

 Always look so majestic those birds do.

 GIRAFFE.  The youngest one is a day younger than Joey.

 One of the few babies that weighs more than me.

 Caught the tiger at the right time playing in the water.  
My sister never noticed him and was wondering why everyone 
was fascinated with the other tiger laying in the sun.  
When the crowd dispersed she finally saw this one
 and exclaimed "He's in the water!"  Where were you? ;)

Home projects:
New year's day we decided to paint some accent walls, one in the living room and one in the kitchen.  
We later wanted to do a stencil in the first room and it turned out nicely (don't you think?).  
The second picture is my being silly in the kitchen(with the wall in back).  I'm so cool.

 Simplest DIY I ever done or thought up of on my own.  
Wrapping paper, big box and boom.  
A cute place for all of Joey's play things.

Cute Kids:

We tried out a walker at my parents' house.  
Didn't know what to do but he seemed to enjoy himself.

 Jessica's little Beau turned one on the 16th of February and he was a hoot.    

 Shauna delivered Elise the next day.
Can I just say how beautiful she is? 
We didn't get pictures at the hospital but Jacob and
Shauna got gorgeous pictures of her and I had to share one.

10 MONTHS: On the verge of crawling.  He doesn't like to drink 
other than nursing.  Which means he's been plugged up.  We got him regular, 
but it wasn't for long.  We were all pretty sick around the time he turned 10 months, 
so I couldn't get too many happy pictures.  But I still think he's cute.

The Jo Meister:

 Left: My hipster babe.  Right: His first time swinging at the park.  I think he liked it?

 His first hair cut (sob).  His hair was getting in his face all the 
time and although he didn't turn one yet, I pulled out the scissors 
during his bath (don't recommend).  But it turned out so cute.  
There was a little boy underneath those long locks.  We decided 
to take him to a studio to get pictures but we ended up with family ones as well.

My Birthday Present from Sam:
 We've always wanted to make a bunch of freezer meals
 but never had the space (our freezer is jam packed as it is). 
 So Sam surprised me with a chest freezer (which we had to switch out 
because it pooped out on us).  In two days we made 24 different meals.  
The pictures above show how much beef and chicken we ended up using.  
I didn't take pictures of the freezer, sorry.

The Last of Joey:

 One day Joey's hair just stayed like this no 
matter how much brushing and smoothing I did. 
 It was pretty cute having a baby Alfalfa.  

 11 MONTHS:  Where did the time go, Joey?  He crawls now, although
 it is a unique one (we call it his Smeagol crawl).  Still only two teeth, 
but I feel he's going to get more pretty soon.  He's learned a new trick:  
when we are about to say a prayer he folds his arms.  Already?  That's so cool.

I think that's more or less it.  We're living the life here in the Hobbs home.  I can't believe it's been almost a year that Joey entered our home.  He is our angel and cannot imagine a better life than being a wife to Sam and a mother to Joseph.  Thank you for making my forever bliss!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Family Photo Shoot

We just got back from a family photo shoot! It was a splurge for Kiley's birthday (which was yesterday). Happy Birthday Kiley!