Sunday, December 6, 2015

2.5 Years

Joey has now been 2 for more than half a year and I feel it's time for a little update on our little boy.

Ah, 2 year olds. It has definitely been an adventure having one. When he's happy he shows it through his big smile and big voice. When he's mad he lets you know, usually with actions more than words. But he has added quite a bit to his vocabulary since turning 2. I can usually understand what he's trying to tell me or what he wants even though sentence structure is not there. He flips his words around and it's cute. "Cereal want!" is what he's telling me at the moment. He is starting to grasp more concepts, which makes it more fun to teach him, like opposites and letter sounds.

Although he is getting more adventurous, he is still pretty careful for his age. Perhaps he gets that from me. He is finally enjoying going down the slide and will do it willingly, which has been a huge step in his occupational therapy. He also isn't big into climbing, but that's totally fine with me. Our new place has stairs and a loft and I never have to worry about him. He explores more and loves being outside. Joey is getting better at playing with other kids but has a problem with biting. BITING, how I loath thee! It is a very frustrating habit and hope he kicks it soon, especially with this baby coming.

 No potty-training yet. I have a feeling that it will take quite a while, like his walking and talking, before he's ready. However, he willingly sat on his little potty one night without a diaper, so we are getting closer! Joey still gets constipated and I really should be asking the doctor about it, since it has been a problem since he was a newborn.

Joey visited the dentist a month or so ago and we lucked out with no cavities. But the two things I thought they would bring up at the appointment they did. He has a very strong frenulum which creates his cute little gap teeth (just like his daddy had) and told me that he would most likely need that removed in the future. They also asked if he was a thumb sucker, but I told him about his "binky" fetish and was already trying to wean him. We tried cold turkey, but for my sanity I reintroduced it for nap times. He won't take a nap otherwise and gets really grumpy.

He is a total boy. Joey loves loves to roar and does it several times a day. However, he has made children cry by running up to their face and growling at them. Still loves anything with a motor, but he's getting into animals and dinosaurs. He has quite a collection of animal sounds and loves going to the zoo. He loves to pretend he is a monster or shark, probably so he can get away with biting us. "I'm just playing, guys." But he is a sweet heart. Joey loves giving kisses and being kissed, particularly when he gets hurt. "Owie, kiss it!" Then he says "better". Or he gives us kisses and says "mommy happy"!

Joey has been really patient with his parents. Since we've both been in school and have busy callings in church, he hasn't been getting the attention he deserves. Lately he has been hitting, kicking and biting us when we don't give him our full attention, but with a little baby coming along, I really hope we find an outlet for this kid. When I'm annoyed at his behavior, I just tell myself that he is craving attention and I need to be better at that. Maybe having a little brother will help more than hinder this whole thing! I think he will be a good brother despite not being the gentlest kid on the block.

Here's to being 2 1/2! Like I said, it's an adventure, but our lives would be so dull and have a lot less meaning without our Joey.