Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In Other News...

Oh, and we found out we are having a Baby!

In July Sam and I agreed for me to stop the Pill, but wanted me to become regulated and such before we would try (so we weren't actively trying).  When ol' Flo didn't come in August, I figured it was because I just got off the Pill so I wouldn't be regular and such yet.  Plus the Internet said so.  And I didn't feel pregnant.  However, end of August I started feeling super tired and sick to my stomach.  I didn't know if it was for real or if it was all psychological because it was a possibility.  Took a test and low and behold:

The line popped up in like 5 seconds, screaming "PREGNANT!!!!!"

Calculating my due date it would be in April (at the end of the semester, when everything is due).  We thought it was such a cute month to have a cute baby in, so we settled our minds to it.

Now, how to announce it to family?

We told my parents first by bringing a cake over saying "Baby on Board".  I found a way for my mom to take off the foil inconspicuously.  For Sam's parents, we put a couple of photos together of us and Sam had them sift through.  The last photo was the one on top of this post.  I sadly couldn't be there but Sam's parents were really excited.

For the rest of the family we decided to order cute announcements off of a site (we had credit for).  It took FOREVER to arrive, and we wanted to tell them soon.  When they arrived, they were cute announcements of a Madelyn Kay....who is NOT OUR BABY.  I got really upset they mixed up orders so we whipped up something quick, printed them at Walmart (actually who was really nice to us), and announced that day to Sam's family (my family two days later...although everyone knew by then except one of my sisters).  We sent some to family out of town, too.  We would have told family sooner otherwise!

So we are 3 months and counting.  Here is my latest belly pic:

It was after a filling dinner, so some of that isn't the baby, but you get the point.

This past Monday I had my first ultrasound:

It was neat seeing my little one moving around and watching its heart beat.  I love the last two pictures: holding its little hands and its little hand rubbing its face.  When we showed these pictures to Sam's dad, he said he liked the bird picture.  It does look like a bird in the last one doesn't it?

Baby Hobbs due April 16, 2013!!

New Lens and Acceptance

We have good news:

Sam got accepted to UNM medical school!  He starts in July next year.  It's such a relief knowing what we are going to do for grad school and such and that we get to stay here in New Mexico.  Bad news: Sam says it's getting harder to get the motivation to do his best in his classes.  Still, even if he doesn't do his best I'm sure it will be fine in the end.

In other news, we have a new camera lens.  We decided to splurge on Christmas early to get a Canon EF ii 50mm f/1.8 lens.  For how much lenses can go for, I'd say it's a really sweet deal.  The aperture is pretty awesome and we can now take shots inside without flash with more ease.  (These are not edited, but still).