Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

This year, Kiley decided to use her awesome sewing machine to make stockings for us. Last year, we borrowed stockings from my parents. But, as Kiley is expecting our first child in April, we decided that we need to get a jump start on preparing our own traditions for this special time of year. Didn't these stockings turn out amazing?

We had a pretty crazy Christmas. On both Christmas and Christmas eve, we spent time with both of our families. Our time was filled with looking at Christmas lights, eating, enjoying time with family, and enjoying traditional activities (including two white elephant gift exchanges - one on each side of the family).

On Christmas morning, Kiley and I opened gifts that we bought for each other. We headed off to Kiley's parents' home for a brunch, then to a Chinese buffet for lunch with my family, then to the west side of Albuquerque to help out my brother, then back to Kiley's family for another activity. By the end of the night, we were exhausted! We decided that next year, we should probably only visit with one family per day. Otherwise, Christmas is much too busy. :)

This year, our big Christmas present was a new lens for our Canon camera (an EF 50mm f/1.8 lens) that we love taking photos with, but sadly when we were taking pictures for Darren and Cait's wedding, it was dropped and broke! Luckily, we looked up online to see how to dissemble and reassemble this type of lens, and I was able to put it back together. It still seems to take good pictures, but I guess time will only tell if the lens is as good as before. Here are a couple of the few pictures we took on Christmas day:

Kiley and I felt super blessed this Christmas. We loved the time we could spend with our families, and we got everything that we wanted and more! This last week, we also played for a wedding with our friends the Boyacks, and we played in the Christmas program for the Indian School Ward.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Have a great New Year - 2013! Can you believe it is coming so quickly? Let's make it the best year of our lives and recommit ourselves to our values and to our Savior, Jesus Christ. :)

Cait & Darren

On December 18th, Kiley's brother Darren got married to his fiancé Cait! We were super happy for them. They make a PERFECT couple! Kiley and I had the chance to room with Cait during a family trip to Mexico this past summer, and we are very happy to have her as part of our family. She is outgoing and witty and loves to play games. :)

Kiley and I were asked to be the photographers for their wedding, so here are some of the photos from their reception:

Cait's Hair:

                                  Don't I look cool?                                      Aaron and Tia, what a great couple! :)

 Look at the beautiful boquet, Cait-style!

Kiley made the sign in sheets. They were beautiful! Cait's wedding ring also went through quite a bit. It was even lost for a few weeks and showed up randomly in Cait's underwear drawer! :)

 There was a great brunch with these awesome Greek yogurt parfaits and Land Lakes hot chocolate:

Noelle was adorable, as usual. In fact, I think we got more photos of her than of the happy couple (whoops!).

The fancy wedding cake was made by Kiley's sister Kristy, who also made our wedding cake:

Cait and Darren had their reception the Saturday before the wedding. It was nice to get all of the hectic things done with early (something to remember for future weddings!). After the reception, we headed over to the temple to get their photos taken. Here are some of our favorites:

After the wedding ceremony, we took family photos outside of the temple. The day went great, and we are happy that everything went so well. Congratulations Darren and Cait! :)

Thanksgiving 2012

Don't you love the Holidays? Kiley and I were able to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas with both of our families, and we took advantage to take family pictures with my side of the family. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cabin in November

After the week of Halloween, my parents invited us to spend the weekend at the Cabin.  I needed a  break from school and I convinced Sam to come along despite having tests that Monday!

So we drove up Friday, spent Saturday there, and drove home Sunday.

Saturday, we:
Played on the swing (sadly it broke before we left)

 Played Baseball


Went into town and bought a motorbike on a whim (a hit with the kids and grownups)

Took candid shots:

 We also finished a puzzle, went to Pagosa Springs twice, and watched movies.  I didn't know you could fit in that much in a day!

Sunday we:
Went to the frozen pond to throw rocks

Got caught in a rope!

And my goodness were we blessed!  Despite doing minimal studying, we both got the highest test grades we ever received in our classes the following day!  See what a much needed vacation can do!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween 2012

We are a bit late on the Halloween update, but this year, we decided to be pirates.  Arrr!

At the ward Halloween party:


 Can you guess what they are?  Not ghostbusters, but adventurers on Mt. Everest!

Crazy Cat Lady preparing the desert table

We had quite a few superheroes running around!

 Cute cute family with their cave baby. :)
Starting off the costume parade.

Except for the eyepatch, earing, and sword, it was completely from our closets.  It's fun to get creative.