Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3 Months


::Drooly drooly drooly::Found his little voice and laughs::Over 14 lbs::Sucks on his little hands all day::Threatening to move into 6-9 month clothes::Wakes up twice each night::Has cradle cap and a nice bald spot::Likes to be held::Still loves baths::


I love this baby so so much! As much as the newborn stage is nice because they sleep a lot and cuddle more, he is getting more and more fun! His happiest time of day is waking up in the morning. We get the best smiles, kicks, and laughs out of our little guy. 

One thing that happened this month was Elijah's baby blessing. It was more low key than Joey's, which was nice. We had grandparents there, Jessica's family, Shauna and her kids, Kristy and Chris, and Heidi. Eli was given a wonderful blessing and I'm grateful for all the awesome people in my family, especially these two guys (and Joey, who doesn't stay still for any photo).

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I came across Joey's one year photoshoot. Crazy to think he will be three next month! He is still cute, just in different ways. I decided to blog the list of things he did at 14 months that I currently keep on the "Meet Us" tab. I want to update that soon, so this is more journaling.

I was born in April >Forever true
I love hair and prefer my mom's >Slowly got out of the hair phase, along with his binky back in December 2015
I had to have two haircuts by 14 months >Average around one every 2-3 months
I (or mommy) don't have a clue what my eye color is >They settled to a light brown more than anything
I will crawl in rocks to avoid grass >He became acquaintances with grass
I love being outside >Still true, he'll brave nearly any weather to go play
I get super excited when I see a playground >What kid doesn't?
I love staying up late >Oh my yes
I have a love/hate relationship with baths (right now I love them) >Hates getting his head wet but fine with everything else
I am very small for my age >Still true
I take my sweet time learning how to walk >Started walking at 18 months, whew!
I love anything that rolls and will push it around the house >Now it's anything with a motor
I have cute gap teeth >And a strong frenulem 
I travelled to NM, AZ, UT, CO, ID, CA, and Mexico already >Nothing new since poor thing
I claimed this random valentine stuffed puppy as my own >I forgot about puppy!
I have three cousins born the same year as me (it's fun) >Good friends, but have bitten all three at some point
I would rather have my parents' food even if it's the same as mine >He's figured out he hates all of it
I want to be a dentist with how much I love sticking my fingers in mouths >Now it's more a professional cereal eater or cartoon watcher
I have an amazing daddy who plays with me all the time >Still amazing
I love my mommy and love being by her >Now runs away from her 

Sweet, funny Joey!

Friday, March 4, 2016


Valentines Day is always interesting. We had a lot of fun, but you always try to make it out of the ordinary every year. This Studio C sketch is scarily accurate about Valentine's Day, haha.

Luckily for Sam, I don't expect too much from him. I was perfectly happy with some donuts and a pot of little tulips he got for me this year. In fact, any more feels excessive. I wish I could set the same standard for myself. To make it special, I decided to plan several dinner and activity ideas, associate them with a random picture, and have Sam pick one of each. That way, we both did not know what we were going to do for Valentine's Day!

Sam chose a picture of a bowling ball. I wanted to trick him. Since it is a rolling ball, we were going to eat sushi rolls. There is a restaurant called Pacific Paradise in town that has really awesome food (but we only eaten there once before). I blind folded Sam and he tried to guess based on turns where we were eating. But it didn't really matter if I blind folded him because he still would have had no idea where we were going. The food was so so good, and we loved the Fire Rolls we got (a must at this place- they even set the plate on fire for kicks).

But then Sam picked the picture that represented bowling anyway: a bowl. So it was fate we were to bowl for Valentine's Day. We brought our kids because we thought Joey would love bowling. But he got bored of it rather fast and it turned into a game for us to see if we could keep Joey away from the other lanes. Still a little too young, I guess. I am terrible at bowling and feel self-conscious every time I go, but it wasn't too bad this time. Sam felt loved, and that was the most important part! And next year we'll accept people's offer of babysitting.

And for kicks, here is Joey's art in the bath tub with color tabs. He "made" a valentine on Valentine's Day, but he ended up playing while Sam and I finished it up. We don't have a picture of it, sorry.

Hope your February was good!