Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5 Years

We hit the 5 year mark! Time is really funny. Some days you feel like it's been forever but when thinking about a certain moment (like our wedding day) I'm like "wow that was 5 years ago?!" To celebrate we mainly went to Disneyland, but we also decided to go on the La Luz trail heading to the Sandia Peak, eat at the restaurant there, then hit the tram down on our actual anniversary. 

The hike feels like real life. You have to work hard before it starts to pay off. The first half was hot and not too pretty or shaded. Then all of a sudden it's green and shaded and breath taking. It was a perfect day to go (we couldn't leave until after noon and the weather cooperated). Here are some pictures, because blog posts are boring otherwise (I'm not alone in this right?).

 I didn't get a picture of the wild flowers, but there were so many colors! It took some self restraint not to make a wild flower bouquet. The little tree pictured above was interesting. The tips were this bright green and super soft. Then it transitioned into a normal bristly pine tree. Now for Sandia Peak!

iPhone doesn't do it justice.
What we just hiked.

It got super windy and cold. We didn't stay on the top for long.
We did eat dinner at High Finance. It is definitely overpriced, but the food was decent and the view beautiful. Funny story: we went to the temple a week prior and saw a temple worker that was the spitting image of Ben Stiller. Like Sam and I both totally agreed on this. We saw him again on the ride down but chickened out on talking to him. I really wanted to get a picture to say "DOES THIS OR DOES THIS NOT LOOK LIKE BEN STILLER?!" but it would be creepy and probably rude. Oh well.

Happy anniversary Sam! An eternity with you sounds heavenly :)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

6 Months


 ::A pro at sitting up now::Gabs with "da das" and it's adorable::Roly Poly bug::First tooth on his bottom right::Doesn't refuse a taste of solids::Loves to laugh at his brother::Sleeps in the same room with him too::Wiggly little guy wanting to grab at everything::Around 18 lbs::


Eli has made huge leaps in his development. He has been sitting up for a couple weeks now, and it's great (except when Joey feels the need to knock him over). We have our 6 month appointment tomorrow for measurements and whatnot. Poor Grandma Hobbs gets to be with him after he gets his shots while we go on an anniversary hike (I realize this as I'm typing, sorry!). He got his first little snaggle tooth, 3 months earlier than Joey!

He's doing well keeping a schedule with his sleep as long as we are home. The bassinet was getting tiny for him so we took a risk and put him in the crib, which is in the same room as Joey. It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. Joey is out like a light when Eli wakes up crying (so is Sam).

Eli is our wiggle butt and grabs at anything in his reach. But he's so happy. A lot of people comment on his happy countenance, and it's a blessing to have him. I couldn't have asked for a better second child at the moment.

We've been spending our days at the park:

First time sitting up for the camera.
Loving the swing.
Snuck a PB&J sandwich in while my parents
were distracted and didn't regret it!
Prunes make me blow out of my pants!
Found my toesies.
Passed out while playing 
 These past 6 months have been a party! We love you Elijah!