Wednesday, January 7, 2015

December 2014

This December was filled with family and fun, as every December should be. The first weekend of December Sam and I played in our Stake's annual Christmas concert "a Child is Born" with some beautiful pieces. I finished school that very weekend as well, so I had a month break which is coming to a close this week.

We enjoyed festivities with Sam's family. About two weeks before Christmas we gathered at his parents' house for dinner, singing, a Talent show and a White Elephant. Santa even showed up! We didn't get a picture of Hudson with Santa, but here are the other kiddos:

Beau did very well.

Tyler was excited.
Elise got a little freaked...

But it was nothing to Joey's screams! Santa really freaks him out.
In fact, watching any movies with Santa merits the same reaction.
Last year's photo for kicks.
Then we got a family photo in with everyone present. We really wished Jared and Jenny could have joined us!

Sam's parents also had us over for dinner Christmas Eve eve. We enjoyed a traditional Japanese dish (ask Sam what it was) and an overwhelming amount of gifts. So sweet of them!

On Christmas Eve we headed to the zoo and just like we suspected it was free and nearly empty! A lot of the exhibits were closed but we saw really fun things regardless.

The peacock and all his glory.

One of the sea lions took a liking to us and kept appearing
in this window for us to enjoy (no less than 5 times).

A really crappy picture of all the fun Christmas cards we got.

Decorations this year.

Sam and his gifts: a wool tie and lifting gloves.

A new straightener for me that I'm just about to try out.
On Christmas Eve we headed to my family's gathering for Nativity acting and Christmas PJ opening. Darren and Cait arrived just in time to experience the total chaos that ensued.

On Christmas we videotaped Joey getting a Lightning McQueen car that he could drive himself! He also enjoyed the goodies in his stocking. We then headed to my family's again for more gift giving and a Christmas brunch. The missionaries in our ward came to our home in the afternoon to enjoy good chats with their family, then we headed to my aunt and uncle's for dinner and games.

I got one extra thing this year: the flu. The next day I and a few other family members felt pretty awful and stayed that way until about Tuesday where all the adults in my family were treated to Black Angus for steak and more sane family time. Woo hoo for Discover points that give us enough gift cards to do that!

I'll get the videos on here eventually of Joey, but the upload speed is ridiculously slow, so enjoy this post for now!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thanksgivin' 2014

I am a little late posting this as it is already 2015, but I wanted to steal some pictures from Jessica since she is so much better remembering to capture moments than we are.

Thanksgiving was a total blast! Sam's parents were planning on going to Idaho to visit family for the week and Sam really wanted to go as well. I was a little weary at first because of all the school work I had to do, but Sam, as amazing as he is, helped me make sure everything would get done so both of us could have a good time.

We left Tuesday after Sam took a test and I attended one of my classes and headed up to Provo, UT. Alas, since we left at lunch time I did a lot of driving in the dark. That's right, I drove the entire way to the dark! Joey was a sweet little boy, but he gets carsick like his mama and puked halfway. We had the privilege to stay with my really good friend Bethany and her hubby Quinn, who lucked out on a cute apartment. We didn't get any pictures, woops (like I said we always forget to). In the morning we treated them to breakfast at Kneaders (yum) and then headed to Idaho Falls. This time no tickets!

Grandma Hobbs is always the sweetest and best hostess. We got to stay in one of her living areas which is pretty secluded. We packed way too much as we thought it would be nice and snowy up in Idaho. Both Utah and Idaho were comparable to ABQ that weekend so I think we lucked out in that sense. We had a grand time eating and playing games with Grandma Hobbs, Sam's parents, and Jess and her boys (Sebastian arrived on Thanksgiving Day).

On actual Thanksgiving we headed to Pocatello to have dinner at one of the huge institutes, with Uncle Dan being the host there. Lots more family members to meet! After dinner we had an epic nerf gun war. Poor Joey got shot in the face close range so I sat out for a good portion. In fact, all the little kids weren't having a fun time, so at the end we all lined up for them to shoot us. The deal was to "die" a dramatic way, but Joey didn't like it when his dad died. He threw himself on Sam and cried, so now we know he actually will care if Sam dies.

We had a post-Thanksgiving dinner at Julie's place, which was just as fun. I got to meet some of Sam's family I didn't meet the previous two times I've been up. Brad and Julie are also excellent hosts! There was a concert at the end of the evening for all those who wanted to participate. I lucked out when one of Julie's kids had a cello, so I got to participate as well.

We headed to Salt Lake on Saturday because I really wanted to see the lights at Temple Square. So we spent the day at City Creek mall and Temple Square until it got dark enough. We were in awe. Each tree was individually and professionally wrapped in lights. There were Nativity Scenes around the world. There were even our beloved luminarias with cool cutouts in them. The reflecting pool had glowing orbs floating in it. It was a really neat sight - I can now cross it off my Bucket List.

We were staying with one of Sam's old mission companions, but he had a wedding reception to go to, so he invited us. We arrived even before he did though, which made it very awkward. We didn't even know who he was related to. At first we thought the bride was his sister (as the last names didn't match), then we thought it was his wife's brother or sister. But no, it was his wife's cousin. We truly felt like wedding crashers. But hey, the food was good.

After a wonderful stay at Sam's old companion's home, we headed back just in time for a rehearsal for the "A Child is Born" concert. It was a busy busy week, but an exciting one as well.

Ready for the park!

I wasn't there, but I heard that Beau insisted on
catching Joey. Joey wasn't too thrilled with that.

All the boys need are some cars and they are happy as clams.

Ready for some dinna!

How cool is Angie for bringing a lot of her guns for us to enjoy!

Jo wasn't having it.


All the fam. You did great Grandma Hobbs

A free concert at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Gorgeous tree inside.

It's getting dark

  Can you believe how gorgeous those lights are?
Nativity in the middle of water.

Doesn't even capture how beautiful.

Joey still not having it.

Only satisfied when able to run around and cause mayhem.