Wednesday, June 11, 2014

School of Aerospace Medicine - Dayton, OH

Hey everyone! It's Sam again, and I am blogging from the Holiday Inn in Fairborn, OH (just outside of Dayton). As part of my Air Force scholarship (the HPSP), I am required to be active duty for 45 days a year. This year, I decided to go to the School of Aerospace Medicine - I am in the Aerospace Medicine Primary (AMP) 101 course, a 2-week introduction to flight medicine. Super cool!

Here is a breakdown of the course:

  • Week 1 = "Death by PowerPoint"
  • Class starts at 8am and ends at 4 or 5pm.
  • Out of class activities - trip to the fire station, flying lessons (simulator and real plane), trip to the air traffic control tower, GSOS - spatial disorientation lab, hypobaric chamber (to simulate high altitude, effects of low oxygen, decompression, etc), and more!
  • Lots of fun!
Here are some of the photos that I took (and that I stole from the Internet):

Me looking nerdy with my fire hat and transition lenses (new glasses!) up 60 feet in the air on a fire truck ladder:

Hypobaric chamber - don't I look legit?

Here's a picture I took during my 14 mile run yesterday. When I hit 10 miles, my left knee started hurting really bad, and I had to walk about 2 miles back to the hotel when I couldn't stand running anymore. Turns out I got IT Band Syndrome! Oww...

My trip to the Columbus, OH temple, about an hour from my hotel:

The famous USAF Museum. Dayton is the city where the Wright Brothers are from, so it is a pretty historic little town!

On Saturday, we got to fly! We had a brief introduction on how to fly. We then did the simulators for about an hour, and then it was off with an instructor! We got a total of about an hour of flying time, and half of it we did by ourselves. We learned how to take off, do "touch-and-go's" to practice taking off and landing, taxi the plane, ascend and descend, basic turns, banking turns, stalls, etc. What a blast! I learned that I get pretty airsick in these little planes, so next time I'll go on a bunch of roller coasters beforehand to condition myself. Here are some photos of the plane that I flew, the Cirrus SR22:

I should have known this would be harder to control than a car:

What a blast!

Here is the GSOS (Gyroflight Sustained Operations Simulator) - a flight and spatial orientation simulator:

I am coming home this Friday, and I can't wait to be back with my family. It has been a lot of fun here in Ohio, though. Our hotel is SUPER nice, and I have a Mazda 5 rental car (all paid for by our lovely tax dollars) so I can go wherever I want after the duty day is over. I am planning on returning here my 4th year of medical school for 2 more courses (AMP 201 and 202), and then I will be a basic flight surgeon! This will be in conjunction with my specialty (I'm planning on doing Ophthalmology), so I will most likely be in clinic 4 days a week and then help out in the flight surgery clinic 1 day a week. And I'll get to fly! :)

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Celestine said...

Sam, that was SO AMAZING to read and to experience through your eyes!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I'm so glad you'll get to take Kiley with you to Ohio in the future--she will love it too!

We are proud of you and happy that you get to have all these cool experiences ;-). Love you sweetie!