Sunday, May 2, 2010

Transfered and Training

Jan. 18, 2010 (Transferred and Training)

Wow, this has been an incredible week filled with changes and lots of new experiences. We were working like crazy in Antofagasta Centro at the beginning of the week. On Tuesday night, we received a call from the assistents telling us to go and buy a few bus passes, so that night we went to TurBus and bought the bus passes. We got back to the apartment, and handed the passes to the assistents. Elder Romero looked at the bus passes and told me to take one. He said: "Here's your next transfer!" I looked at the bus pass and didn't understand:

Antofagasta - Copiapó
Thursday, January 14th
9:30 am

I looked at the pass and said, "Thursday?" I was about to leave to Copiapó in one short day! I got all my things together quickly and got ready to get off. It turns out that I'll be opening a new area in the mission: la rama Paipote. So, on Thursday I was off!

I got to Paipote and started working a bit with Elder Bórquez, a missionary who's about to leave the mission this week but who's had a lot of experience working in Paipote. He tried to show me the house of all the members and investigators he new, but it was a lot of new information to take in!

This morning, monday, I got a call from the assistents -- I'll be returning to Antofagasta tonight to pick up my new companion. I'll be training a new missionary this transfer! So it should be really exciting. Last Sunday, only 16 members attended the branch, so that was really fun. I gave a talk, and I had the special musical number with the viola. It went really well, and I'm excited to work here in Paipote. When my son and I get through with this branch, it'll be a ward! That's my goal. ;)

Elder Eddenfield, my companion in the MTC, has been called as assistent to the president, along with Elder Cárdenas and Élder Lamprecht. It should be awesome. Both Elder Romero and Elder Galli, the past assistents, are leaving to work in the mission field. It'll be great. And, Elder Brandau will be working here in Copiapó with me! He's also training and opening up a brach.

The work is going really well. I'll have to get accustomed to not having a truck to drive and quick access to everything in downtown Antofagasta, but I'm really excited for the change. Thank you to everyone who wrote to me this past week, I really love reading everything! Hopefully on my bus ride back to Antofagasta I can write a few letters to send out. :) But, I should be really busy here in Paipote.

Just to let you know, you can continue writing and sending things to the mission office address, that's fine. If you want to know anything else, please let me know!

I love you all so much, but I already ran out of time on the internet! You all mean so much to me and are always in my prayers. Thank you for your thoughtful emails and notes of encouragement. I really enjoy staying in touch. Until next week!

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