Sunday, June 21, 2009

Coat and Viola

June 8, 2009 (Coat, Viola, Blessings, Neo-Nazis update)

Hey, how is my incredibly fantastic, amazingly wonderful family doing in gringolandia?

Here in Chile, it couldn't be better. I'm sending a few pictures of my splurge last week in the mall here in CopiapĆ³. I bought this nice looking jacket for $15,000 chilean pesos and a viola for $115,000 chilean pesos. I just couldn't resist the viola and the beauty of its sound! And, I think that was a pretty good deal, don't you? :) But, I'm interested in seeing how my balance is doing in regards to my checking and savings account. I have been taking money out of my savings account (supposedly), but I haven't been able to check it because I can't here in the mission. Dad, do you think you could send me a copy of my balance, just so that I can prevent any unneeded problems? Thanks! :)

Wow, Jacob is almost a married man... I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday he left for his mission, and now he's an old man. How crazy. You need to send me some good pictures of the whole event! You just need to make them a litte bit smaller (like 100kb every one) so that my email account isn't overloaded.

Well, as for life here in CopiapĆ³, this week we found a really awesome family. The mom is an inactive member, and her children are really receptive to our message. We found them just be knocking on doors, to tell you the truth. Whoever says that this is ineffective should take a look at the success we've had! It's pretty crazy... Anyways, when we were teaching, the spirit was present really strong. I asked if the mom believed that God answered prayers. She said yes, and then she started going into some stories about her life. Here in Chile, dreams and visions are common among all the people. However, this less active mom started telling us more about how her daughter, Catharine (who was present during the lesson) had fallen as a child. She received a priesthood blessing at the door of the airplane before leaving to a hospital in Santiago, and she was miraculously healed. When my companion, Elder Rivas, heard this, he had a look of shock on his face and asked a few more details. Then, he said, "This isn't the first time I've heard this story." It turns out that a former bishop of our ward was the one who gave the blessing and told my companion what happened. How we found this specific door I don't know. The sister asked us if someone had sent us to teach them this message (her aunt is a member of our ward), but we just looked towards the heavens and thanked our Heavenly Father for guiding us to this family. It was pretty amazing.

Also this week, we had a funny experience when we found out that one of the inactive members we are working with is the Leader of all the Neo-Nazis in this region of Chile! He's a great guy, and we didn't believe him at first. But, when he insisted that it was true, we could see that it was. We then told him about the assault the other week (mom, it really wasn't bad at all. Don't even worry about it. It was more just an experience to tell my grandkids. We only had to go to the hospital so the doctors could fill out paperwork and the police could arrest the neo-nazi. We didn't even have a scratch to show to the doctors...) and gave him the name and description of the guy who attacked us, and the inactive brother told us he'd take care of it. I thought that was pretty neat. It's great to have allies high up on the food chain. :)

Well, the mission is definitely the greatest experience ever. I'm loving every minute, and I'm grateful for a Mission President who receives revelation to guide and help us. This is an amazing work to be a part of! I'll try to keep you up to date more!

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