Sunday, June 21, 2009

Teaching Pro Soccer Players from Peru

June 1, 2009 (Teaching Pro Soccer Players from Peru)

Can you believe it's already June? We're just starting to have winter here in Chile! Here in Copiapó, it's actually quite cold. I'll probably go buy myself a nice jacket today with my tax refund. :) I'm also thinking of getting a violin for relatively cheap, but I need to ask permission from my mission president. We can't call him right now because our cell phone service is really lame and we don't have any coverage right now. I hope he says yes! While my companion and I were in the center of Copiapó, we saw some violins and violas for pretty cheap (like 80,000 pesos). I'll have to test them out today if we can call President Urra...

Well, I'm really loving life here in my new sector, Los Pimientos. The members are great, and my companion and I had great success this week as we worked really hard. I'm trying to focus on improving my teaching skills, and I've learned a ton. My companion, Elder Rivas, is an amazing teacher and missionary, and I'm learning lots from him. As we've worked together, we have literally seen hundreds of miracles in our ward. Last week, we taught 8 lessons in all with hardly any investigators to teach. This week, we found 14 new investigators and taught 18 lessons! It was truly miraculous. Man, I love the mission! Heavenly Father really knows how to take care of His children. :)

This week, we started teaching 2 professional soccer players from Perú. We met them only after every single one of our set appointments failed and we resorted to do the only thing we could do: knock on doors. These young men are really spiritual and ready for the message of the gospel. As we taught, the spirit guided our discussion, and both of them (Jean Carlos and Juan Hernesto, aka Coco) told us they felt pure joy in their hearts. They told us that our visit was an answer to their prayers, and they were crazy excited to receive the Book of Mormon and start reading. They are truly golden! However, the only problem is that soccer is their life, their job, and everything. On Sunday, they were really excited to attend church, but at the last minute they were called in for an un-scheduled practice. So, this week we need to focus our teachings on sanctifying the sabbath day, and I can only hope and pray they will have the faith to speak with their coach and choose the right.

We also met a lot more people this week who are just amazing! I am excited to work with them this week and start challenging them to keep their commitments. I love being a missionary!

Thanks for writing, for your love and your support. Tell me if you want to hear anything more from me. It's a bit tough because we don't have much time, but that's okay.

I love you all! Take care, and send my love and appreciation to everyone back at home!

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