Sunday, May 14, 2017

Joey's Party

Birthday Party Time!

We are suckers for themed parties. This year, we decided to have a campout-themed party for Joey. He loves the outdoors, finding "walking sticks," and playing with fire. He is truly a kid after my own heart. We, Kiley and I (and by "Kiley and I," I mean "Kiley") put together this fun party for Joey and a few cousins around his age. Ready for the photo dump? Here we go!

See that brown gunk in the center? It was a delicious 'smores dip Kiley created. Yum!

We went on a hike and had to find these things outside.

The boys wanted to watch The Magic School Bus, so we put an episode on where they explore a rotting log.
 Present Time!!
Maybe whistles weren't the best idea for party favors... Sorry parents!

Look at this fabulous campfire cake Kiley baked! Wow, how did I luck out to marry such a talented woman?

Happy Birthday, Joey! We still can't believe you are four-years-old. It seems like just yesterday we were a nervous wreck, putting you in the carseat for the first time and driving more carefully than ever before, not knowing how much our life was about to change. Thank you for being such a loving, happy, compassionate child and for being patient with us as we learn how to be better parents. You are loved!

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Celestine said...

Hey Sam, I loved your two posts! What a creative and fun birthday party for Joey and his guests! That cake was really impressive, as was the scavenger hunt outdoor list! I love you all!!!