Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spontaneous Trip to San Antonio

Hello Blog Fans!

It's Sam again. It has been a very eventful past couple of months, especially as we are getting ready to move to San Antonio where I will be starting my residency training for ophthalmology. In April, I started my LAST CLASS OF MEDICAL SCHOOL, a course call "Surgery Boot Camp" where we prepare for an intern year in general surgery (which is what I'll be doing in the 2017-2018 academic year). We took "mock call" where we were called throughout the course (even at night) to answer pages about various surgical patients. We performed a variety of surgeries and procedures on cadavers (including median sternotomies, thoracotomies, bowel resections, hernia repairs, chest tube placements, vascular surgery, and lots of suture practice), and we had lectures about common things that we would see.

Towards the middle of April, Kiley and I seriously considered purchasing a home in San Antonio. We had an amazing realtor (Catalina Garcia) who toured homes for us via FaceTime, and we ended up putting an offer an a few different homes. Finally, we found the perfect house! It was a little 3-bedroom home relatively close to where I would be working, and the neighborhood seemed ideal. Our offer was accepted, and we signed our contract before we could even view the home in person. Scary!

A few days later, we had the inspector come and look at the home. Surprisingly, he found major foundation issues, with one side of the home more than 6 inches lower than the other side of the home. Of course we were concerned, but luckily we had purchased a 10-day option period to back out of the contract with no questions asked. We found out about about the foundation problems on Tuesday, talked to our realtor more about the problem on Wednesday morning, and drove out that same day to work out the issue. We even had to pull Joey from a few days of preschool, and I had to skip out of a few different lectures and anatomy lab sessions, but it all worked out!

Here are some photos of our trip. We were planning on going to Sea World, but after buying our year-long pass, we showed up and it was closed. I guess we should have looked at that before buying our tickets! Luckily we'll be in San Antonio in two short weeks, and we can use our passes then. Instead, we decided to check out the aquarium, which was very hands-on and had tons of fun activities for the kids.

 Living my childhood dream of building a huge castle out of legos:

Joey seemed to like the fort I made him!
"Water is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of BEAUTY."


We happened to go to Texas in the middle of the Fiesta San Antonio, which honored the memory of the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. It was fun to go to the River Walk and see the festivities, including lots of young Mariachi school bands playing on boats that floated up and down the river.

In the end, we had a nice (but rushed) trip, backed out of our housing contract, and found a nice rental instead that will suit our needs well. It is always nice to see places in person prior to signing contracts! We are excited for this new adventure, although we can't believe it is coming so soon. We will miss all our friends and family in Albuquerque!

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