Thursday, November 24, 2016

11 Months


Standing man::Climbs up and down stairs::Loves shoes and books::Good little eater and loves loves loves graham crackers::Started to wave then claps right after::About 22 lbs::Our happy little guy even when sick or in long car rides::Sleeps through the night, woohoo!::


This kid! I am so so grateful to call him mine. He is so easy going, yet so curious! He is getting closer and closer to walking. This month he stood up on his own in the middle of the floor. If Eli gets a little more confidence, I'm sure he could be walking soon.

His favorite activity is pulling shoes off our shoe rack and books off the shelf. I play pick up with him several times a day, yet he wins every day. Shoes and books always strewn across our floor. We kept working on waving with him, and I think he does it now. Eli uses both hands and waves them, then immediately claps afterward, haha. But he does it when I prompt him, so I think it counts.

We started sleep training this month and went straight for the cry-it-out. It's the fastest, he started sleeping through the night within two days! Why didn't I do this earlier? He will wake up some nights, but doesn't require nursing him back to sleep.

We went on a trip to Mesa, AZ this month and Eli was a champ. He gets restless in the car, but all said and done, he was smiling and laughing at the very end. Eli also has been sick for a long time with a cough and runny nose, but other than those symptoms, you could never tell he was sick. We love our happy guy!

Caught Eli getting under the kitchen sink. Need to childproof now!

So happy and easy going.
All smiles even with other people he doesn't know.

Went to change his diaper and just rolled over in his sleep.
Couldn't resist a naked bum shot.

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Celestine said...

Okay, I'm ready to adopt Eli! He truly is the happiest, easiest child ever. He actually reminds me of our own children ;-). I loved your post, Kiley. Your words and feelings always touch my heart. Love you sweetie!