Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wedding in Mesa

A couple of posts coming right up! Last month we had the opportunity to travel to Mesa, AZ for Sam's cousin's wedding. Since Sam is off until end of March, we decided to make a little family vacation out of it. We forgot our fancy camera, but I think it worked out because our photo backup drive recently died and we lost all our Thanksgiving pictures :( 

The drive there wasn't too bad, and I did it by myself, thank you very much. Sam was in charge of entertaining the kids, and he didn't realize how hard it is, haha.

First thing on the list, the Phoenix Zoo. It's a really nice zoo, and since we are members of the Rio Grande zoo, we got in for half price! We pet string rays, boarded a tour train (worth it), went to a 4D theatre featuring a BBC documentary as part of our entry. Now for photos.

 Eli enjoying chocolate pudding.

Joey had to get in the action
The savannah exhibit
Guys, this is in NOVEMBER

Best part in all our opinions: the OPEN squirrel monkey exhibit.
That's right, no fence between us and this monkey.

Farming section
I feel this cow's pain
Lego people made these life size statues with, you guessed it, Legos.
Absolutely incredible how people can make these with Legos
We decided to go for a two room suite at La Quinta, and it was so nice to have that extra space. Our kids tore it up, but we had our room to keep nicer, I guess. Here are the rest of the photos, including the AZ Science Center (pretty cool, but it was field trip day, so very busy).

Eli enjoying our bed
We forgot to take photos of our visit to the AZ Science Center,
so here's one at the very end
Zuppas, how I love thee.
It was worth going out of our way to eat there.
When Sam's parents got into town.
Joey was pretty excited to have Jeep Grandma and Grandpa.
A trip to Costco.
Of course this wasn't the biggest stuffed animal they offer.
The whole reason we came.
Good thing we weren't their photographer because this was all we got.
Congrats Jonny and Emily!!
Sam's mom's new favorite temple in Gilbert.
 It was so nice to see Sam's extended family in Mesa. We had fun at the reception and using the photobooth (don't know where the pictures are, so sorry). Next day Sam decided to drive all the way back, and I entertained Eli with Cheetos and chocolate cookies. Don't judge, it was worth it.

Such a happy boy even after 7 hours strapped in the car. Fun fun little trip!

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Celestine said...

So glad you guys come come to Mesa! We loved having your family and Jessica's family there with us. Your boys are sweet and precious!