Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Joey Got Stitches

I've truly entered into parenthood last weekend. Joey had to get stitches, woohoo.

WARNING: I've got pictures of it! Also, I am not making it a long story short for journaling purposes so feel free to skip this one.

STORY: After coming home from visiting my parents Friday evening I had to get dinner started. I thought it would be great to have Joey help me for the first time in making dinner, and he said he wanted Taco Soup when I gave him the choice, so Taco Soup it was! While defrosting hamburger meat I let Joey "help" me open cans of beans and corn. I set them aside each time we open one, but on the last one (!) the microwave beeped for me to flip the meat.

I turn around and Joey had put his fingers in between the can and its lid. All I knew at this point was that I had to get his fingers out, but they were pretty caught. Maybe I could have done a better job in getting his fingers out, but the can sliced two of his fingers. I cried out to Sam who took over. He ran Joey to the sink to rinse them but quickly realized how bad the cut was. He had me put pressure on it with a paper towel, then we took a look.

I started bawling when I saw it. His ring finger's pad was flapping off, and it was deep. Sam looked up the hours and location of pediatric urgent care, dropped Eli off at our WONDERFUL neighbors, and we rushed to the hospital. The nurse checking Sam in wondered why we didn't use super glue to close it (she didn't see it). By then end of the night we got a lot of those responses from people before they saw the damage.

When we got to see the doctor, he took one look at it and then called for the nurses to bring gauze and tape. I was shocked for a moment because it seemed like the doctor didn't think it needed stitches. But then he turned to us and said he couldn't do anything and we would have to go to the ER. He didn't turn down too many stitchings, but Joey would most likely need sedation. The doctor and nurses were really nice, making sure he got the best care he could (along with a stack of stickers) before we headed to the opposite side of the hospital.

We knew at this point that both of us couldn't stay with Joey when Eli was at the neighbors. It was going to be at least a 4 hour wait and we did not give them anything. So I drove home to him up. The neighbors were already babysitting for another family and had two of their own, so I was so grateful they took Eli right then and there, and they offered to sit in our house when I had to pick Sam and Joey up. While Sam was with Joey I cleaned up the blood in our kitchen, got Eli ready for bed, and let our parents know the situation. My mom then offered to take Eli for the night, and although I didn't want to impose any more on people, I REALLY wanted to be with Joey.

I raced to get dinner, a bag for Eli, and other odds and ends, then met my mom at the hospital. Sam and Joey got into a room already at that point (although it would be a while before he would be seen by his doctor). While getting checked in Sam told the nurse that urgent care sent them and thought Joey would need sedation. The nurse rolled her eyes and said urgent care doctors always thought that when it turns out otherwise. A doctor happened to be walking by and asked to see Joey's finger. "Yep, I would sedate him" after a quick look. Not at the ER in vain!

Poor Joey at this point was really hungry, but we had to withhold food if he was going to be put under. I grabbed something to eat for Sam and me, so we quickly ate in front of our little man (he hadn't eaten since lunchtime and we were making dinner when he sliced his finger). Joey did so great! Sure, he cried when people wanted to see his finger, but after a dose of tylenol, he acted like a normal 3 year old. He put stickers on the pain management chart:

Maybe at this point his pain was "My life is a rainbow". At least it wasn't a rooster! He loved his glove balloon and the fact that we let him watch a crazy amount of cartoons while we waited. Both our parents kept tabs on our little man and it was nice to have people worry about the well being of our child. Our actual nurse came in and when we asked about sedation (and the fact that two doctors recommended it), he said to wait until our doctor came in to see it. The doctor came in and (surprise) Joey would be sedated to get the best results.

With the help of two nurses and an EMT, Joey got an IV in, where they would give the sedation meds through. The rest of the night seems more blurry as it got really late, but eventually the doctor came in with the nurse, EMT, and respiratory therapist and administered the sedation. Joey's eyes glazed over and then they inserted lidocaine into his finger. Although he was sedated and drooling, you could still see tears roll down his cheeks. 

Eight (!) stitches later and some super glue, they were able to close Joey's fingers. I was so grateful to the team that took care of our little guy. But we couldn't leave just yet. The doctor kept having to give Joey sedation but in the end he passed out. And he was OUT. The next step was to wake him up and it took a very long time. Nothing in our arsenal worked but eventually we were able to get a reaction by tickling his feet.

He still had to be awake to leave so the EMT brought him a popsicle to eat. Joey would stick out his tongue while still being half asleep and Sam would rub the popsicle on his tongue. It was a little comical. Sadly with sedation it made him nauseous so he puked a couple times after finishing the popsicle. But it woke him up and we were able to be discharged. From the time he cut his finger to the time we left the hospital was around 8 hours. It was not how I wanted to spend Friday night but it was over!

I wish this never happened, but going through this ordeal made me realize how much I truly love Joey. I want to make sure Joey knows that and so I am doing my best to convey that. I'm grateful for those who helped us and checked in on Joey to make sure he was okay. It really helps to know there are people who care for Joey like we do.


Chelsea said...

That is so scary! Glad he's ok!

Celestine said...

I still get queazy looking at Joey's little finger. Poor sweet boy! Sure hope nothing like that happens again--doctor in the family or not! Love you guys!!!