Thursday, October 6, 2016

Around ABQ

Since this will most likely be the last year we will live in Albuquerque for a long time, I made it a goal to make it to all the iconic New Mexican activities. We took the tram for our anniversary, next on the list was an Isotopes baseball game. Luckily our complex passed out free tickets (the stadium is within view of Student Family Housing) so we could do so with decent seats. All the food was crazy expensive and Joey whined for some. The people next to us gave us their leftover cotton candy and we took frequent trips to the water fountain to avoid concession stands (sorry Joe Man). I think Isotopes won, we left early with whiny kids (hey free tickets!) and didn't miss the fireworks since we could view them from our front window.

Left: Joey trying out the playground while we waited for the game to start.
Right: Sam and his doppelganger

In September we hit up the State Fair. Turkey leg and pulled pork sandwich for dinner, a McDonald's farm tour and hunt, farm animals, a duck race, and we called it good.

Eli doesn't mind the carrier.
Tractor Fun!!

Left: we were going to pay for a pony ride but good thing we tried this wooden horse first. Joey freaked!
Right: Totes mah goats.

Not a New Mexico tradition, but Sam found an ad for Disney on Ice, and if our trip to Disneyland wasn't enough this year he bought some. Glad he did because it was Ah-maz-ing. They focused on four Disney movies along with Mickey Mouse (Joey's favorite part).

Waiting for the show to start. Note our Disneyland shirts (thanks Kristy!)
A rendition of It's a Small World. All the skaters wore elements of different cultures.
Lion King. This had the most impressive skating in the show.
Peter Pan. They could have cut this one a little short!
The Little Mermaid. You try skating with your legs wrapped together like a mermaid!
Frozen. They had the best special effects for this one. 
Lots more to do to on our New Mexico list, but so far it's been fun!


Jessica Dunlap said...

What a fun idea! We will really miss you when you guys go! Let's try to get together more often while we still can! I love you!

Celestine said...

What a great blog posting! So glad you got to go to the Disney on Ice show with Joey :-). We sure love your family and will miss you terribly when you leave!