Saturday, February 7, 2015

January 2015

I started school full time half way through January. The schedule didn't work out as nicely as last semester, but lucky (for me) Sam doesn't start classes until end of March so he stays home with Joey to study while I go to school. I was told the music minor requirements changed since I was readmitted to UNM, and I had to take extra cello lessons. I thought it was a blessing in disguise because I felt my skills waning. However, a couple weeks into the lessons and a lot of miscommunication, I had to drop them. At first I was devastated, but it turns out that I didn't really have the time for it anyway. I could graduate without them. Sam and I were also recruited to play in a masquerade ball during Valentine's weekend. Lots of music to learn in a few short weeks!

Joey started occupational therapy to give him a little boost in development. He loves cars more than ever and started a new love: movies! It is so hard not to let him watch more than one a day as he whines for them and constantly brings us different ones to us. He's such a picky eater, but we did solve his constipation problem! Here are some pictures of our date at Fudruckers (his favorite was the ketchup):

Sam is busy busy busy studying for his first step of the medical boards. He takes them on the 23rd this month, so pray for him! He also is seriously magnifying his calling by going out with the missionaries 2 1/2 hours a day! Sweet husband.

One good thing: not a lot of people saw this price for gas, and especially as they are sky-rocketing now. Cheers for Smith's gas points! Happy February!

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