Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cupid's Curse 2015

Hello all who come by this,

February is packed packed packed. Last post I mentioned that Sam and I were recruited to play in a quartet Valentine's Weekend. Well, it was a lot of music to learn, which made February busier than it already was. That, and school has gotten really busy for me and Sam takes the boards on Monday- AH! Did I mention that Sam and I got colds one after another? Sweet Joey was willing to be babysat through it all. Here is the advertisement for the show and masquerade ball we played in:


Thursday night, opening night was skim, but it was a little to be expected. It was super tiring to play for two hours way into 11:30 at night. We watched the show before playing and it was impressive to see what they put together in three short weeks. The best part was this creepy dude that came in from the back. Our string quartet was sitting in the back so we saw him coming in, but the other people dutifully watched the front waiting for the show to start. The guy really had his role down, complete with a really creepy laugh. The rest of the show was interesting, the special effects were cool, and they even played Dvorak's New World Symphony over and over again!The second night was quite like the first with a little more people. This was a better night because the people were more engaged and one person even told us we were the best part. They brought in "human statues". Here is a picture of Sam and me there:

However, on actual Valentines Day I received a text that the event was cancelled due to poor sales. I was sad but was willing to forgive the rest of the contract that they signed with us. It started getting fishy when the other group members asked for half pay (they could do that because of the contract). Meanwhile Sam went to the venue to grab all our stands we left the night before. Sam noticed that the event was not cancelled as everything was still there and employees still working. So, instead of playing two hours of music after the show, we made a deal to play an hour before the show started for half the price of what we would have gotten. A little sad, but it worked out nicely that we weren't playing so late and the people didn't have to pay us as much. Probably better for the audience as well. Afterward we were fed a couple other stories, including how the bar would not be available after the show, so they were going to cancel the masquerade ball (which was a pretty lame cover-up for trying to cancel the quartet). The more lies they feed us, the more we see the truth that they just didn't want to pay us (for two hours all three nights we were going to be paid $1500 total). Oh well, it was still fun.
That hiccup didn't ruin our Love Day. Sam made blueberry pancakes in the morning. I showed him a video I made for him. We went to Costco where Sam picked out a bouquet of flowers for me. Then he took me out to lunch at Macaroni Grill (one of our top favorite restaurants). It was unclear what the evening would be like because of the drama with the ball, but in the end we watched a movie together with Joey. Here is my lovely bouquet:
I can't wait for the rest of February to be over: no more studying for the boards, my birthday, easier work load, and did I say we are going to Portland, Oregon for Spring Break? Woot!

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Celestine said...

Whew! I'm exhausted already! It's a good thing you kids are still so young :-). I'm proud of you both! You are smart, devoted, and talented!!