Friday, October 24, 2014

A Year and a Half

Can you believe this boy is Nursery age?  While Sam was taking a nap after running a marathon I took this little guy to the nearby park to do a tiny photo shoot.  I didn't really edit any of these though.  Maybe when I have time...

I'm so glad to be this guy's mama.  I wish only the best for him and hope that we can provide that for him.  Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of my silly boy (he wouldn't take any formal pictures).

Ah, in his element.  He is getting really, really close to walking.  He'll take quite a few steps then decide he's faster and more secure crawling.  As long as he has the desire, right?  We pretty much have a toddler in our hands (throws tantrums like one, too).  Definitely time to watch what we do or say around him, haha.


Celestine said...

LOVE that beautiful toddler! What a wonderful photo shoot of your little guy--great job Kiley!!

Rachelle said...

Love these pictures!!!