Friday, August 17, 2012

San Gregorio

Last weekend we went on a short backpacking trip to the San Gregorio reservoir with Sam's family.  We mean short in a few ways: it was a mile hike in and we only stayed one night.  It was still pretty fun being with family and making our campground work.  Sam's parents, Jared and Jenny's family,  Jessica and Seb's family and we came along.

Getting ready for the hike up to the reservoir.

Mario found a mushroom to jump on.

Milo can be so stinkin' cute!

And Hudson loved to get close-ups.

We totally packed a queen-sized air mattress in.  Totally worth it. 

We also hiked in an inflatable kayak! 

Trying it out...

Hudson was not too sure.

We totally thought this bull was coming straight at Jessica and me, but it luckily went around...

to totally check out the lady types.

I don't think the cow enjoyed it.

The night before Sam decided to go ahead and get a fishing license for a day...$20!
(he caught one expensive fish).  We enjoyed having fish covered in butter, lemon juice, 
and ranch seasoning!

What Sam carried out: 

Upon making it, we decided to pay a random tribute to Tim Tebow.

We enjoyed it, although it was colder and rainier than we anticipated, along with plenty of cow pies.  I'm glad that we were able to fit these little family trips in before school starts.  

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Sam said...

Awesome photos Kiley! Thank you so much for keeping our blog up to date. You are an incredible wife! :)