Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon you get to go out and watch the second full moon in a month.  So that's what Sam and I did a couple weeks ago.  Sam took me out to the Volcanoes on the outskirts of town to get a good view of the moonrise.  It was also cool to see the sunset:

The moon took its time for its debut, but it sure was beautiful when it showed up.  Sam and I took our tripod and made ourselves at home on top of an inactive volcano.

We waited until the city lights came and I loved the view!!  Albuquerque almost looked like a modern Jerusalem with the moon being a super bright star or something...Thank you Sam for taking me!

Things are going well for us (for the most part).  Both Sam and I are pretty busy with school and callings, but still find time for each other.  The Primary Program is in a week for our ward and it's been lovely trying to organize it.  Sam attends so many meetings for his calling, whether it's for the bishopric or the Sunday School presidency.  Lastly, Sam got his interview for medical school last week.  I think it went well and I'd be surprised if UNM doesn't accept him (I'll brag for him).  Hope everyone has a good week.

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Jessica Dunlap said...

Ooh! Loved those moon pictures! So glad to hear things are going well for y'all. We sure do love you two! I bet he'll get in, too! What a smarty!