Friday, April 6, 2012

It Does Get Better

I've been wanting to post something for a while, but couldn't find much to post about, so this will be a post full of random things.

First: My birthday was over a month ago, but I wanted to thank everyone for the awesome birthday phone calls, e-mails, gifts and fun!  What's funny is that Sam's "birthday" was celebrated in both of our families as well.  We got a wii from Sam's parents (!!) and the best wii game ever Just Dance from Jess and Seb.  Thank you!!  Also, I got a pretty necklace from Jared and Jenny that I get compliments about every time I wear it.  Thank you, too!  From my parents we got tickets to see Lion King in Popejoy in October.  Woohoo!

From Sam I got a keyboard!  But really, all I asked from him was cheesecake, home-made cake batter ice cream (it's easier than I thought), Swedish fish and NO HOMEWORK!  It was a good birthday and I'm happy to be 20. :)

Second: I started my job with the City of Albuquerque and so far I feel lucky I got it.  Something like 10,000 applicants?  I get to be in a recreation program after-school at an elementary school and it's fun getting to know the kids and speaking my 102 Spanish to them.  What's even nicer is that it's ridiculously close to Sam's work so in the summer it will be very convenient with our one car.

Third: I came across this video and thought it was very interesting and inspiring.  It does get better even at BYU!

I think that is all.  Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!!

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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Kiley! I hope you had a great day. xoxo