Thursday, June 16, 2011

Utah/Idaho Pre-Wedding Trip

Hey everyone!

Just last week, Kiley and I travelled up to Utah and Idaho with my family. Our original purpose was to go and see my cousin Warren Lemmon's wedding in Salt Lake, but we decided since most of my Idaho relatives won't make it to our wedding, we might as well go visit them too!

First, here are some shots from Salt Lake. I can hardly believe that Kiley and I will be getting married in the temple in a week!

I really liked this photo in front of the Salt Lake Temple -- I thought it was really pretty, like a postcard! :)

After going to Warren's sealing and taking photos, we went to the Lion House Restaurant, and it was delicious! Super nice lunch. We ended up taking more photos by the temple, and we also saw the Cristus statue in one of the Temple Square visitor centers:

These awesome photos were a suggestion from Kiley. We found that the coolest pictures of the Salt Lake Temple can be taken from the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building:

After we made it to Idaho, we had a blast with all of our Idaho relatives! I am so grateful for the chance that we had to go and be with them for a few days. I think Kiley was a little apprehensive at first because it's tough meeting a ton of new people, but I am grateful for how willing she was to get out of her bubble to make me happy. It was so much fun! Kiley loved all of my family, and I am so grateful that she did. We had a wonderful visit. Here are a couple pictures from a hike that we went on:

We had a blast at Julie and Brad's house as we ate dinner and played games. We especially enjoyed the dancing game for the Wii! :)

We were also able to go through a session at the Idaho Falls Temple, and we even got to see where my mom and dad got sealed together! It was an amazing experience. Following that, we decided to take photos at the temple as a family. Fun fun!

To end our trip, there was a huge party at Grandma Hobbs' home, where we even had a piƱata! I had so much fun being with family, and I'm glad that Kiley was able to join us and meet everyone in Idaho. At the end of the party, we were surprised by a mini wedding party with the family! We felt overwhelmed by the love we were shown as we were given cards and presents to celebrate our pending matrimony. We are so grateful for everything! Thank you!

I had such an amazing time travelling to Idaho with Kiley and my family. It was worth the time off of work and the LONG drive with a crying baby. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you to everyone who made this trip so special for us -- I feel so blessed to have the greatest family EVER! :)

Kiley and I want to thank Jessica for letting us drive with her and with little Hudson, for my parents for helping us pay for a lot of meals and letting us tag along with the family and providing a hotel room, and for Jacob and Shauna. We also want to thank Dan and Tam for all that they did for us, for letting us sleep at their house, and being so willing to serve us and love us. Thank you, Grandma Hobbs, for letting us stay with you as well and for being so loving and generous! Thank you, everyone else, for being so generous to us and making our trip fun and enjoyable! :)

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Celestine said...

Now I don't feel so bad about not doing our own blog on our Utah/Idaho trip.Thank you Sam for all the awesome photos and narration. You are the BEST! Love you both, Mom