Monday, September 6, 2010

Special conference with 2 GA's

August 30, 2010 (Translator)

I am really loving it here in Vallenar. As we walk in the streets, there is a special spirit that abides here with us. I know that the Lord is preparing His great work here, and I have no doubts that our zone will see many miracles this next month of September!

This week, we had a special conference with two General Authorities: Elder Costa from the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Amado, President of the Chile Area. We travelled to Antofagasta and had a wonderful meeting with them. As always, I was the official translator so I couldn't take many notes, but after the conference was over I wrote down what I remembered, and I loved the spirit that they brought to the mission! I am very excited to keep up the work in this beautiful city and do my best to bring others unto Christ.

I'm sending one picture that was taken at the conference, and the rest are from today as my companion and I walked to the center of our little city of Vallenar. We live in a part of the city called "La vista alegre" which is up on a big hill, and our proselyting area is La vista alegre and another part on the hill called Torreblanca. It is really pretty, especially compared with the rest of our mission. As you can see, there's a river! There are also wild horses that are always down by the river. It is great to actually see green for once in two years. :) Vallenar is a little city (bigger than Diego de Almagro, at least) and really peaceful. The work is going great here, and we have found many people who want to learn more about the gospel. In fact, we found 13 new investigators this week, and the members are helping us a lot! I only wish I had more time to work here and serve, but I know that the Lord has a different mission in mind for me in just a few more weeks.

This week, we also did a lot of companionship exchanges, as we have had some difficulties in the zone. I love serving and helping in every way that I can! What I have learned here in the mission is that there are no crummy areas here in the mission. It all depends on the missionary, and if we are doing what we should and seeking to receive revelation, if we really love the people and desire their salvation, the Lord guides us and gives us success. I have seen that in every part of my mission, and I know it applies in other aspects of our life as well. It doesn't matter what circumstances we are in, if we really put our faith and confidence in Christ, He will guide us through this land of trials and sorrows to a land of promise, just as He did for Moses and the children of Israel, just as He did with Lehi's family and the brother of Jared's family, just as He has done for me many times here in Chile. And, I have truly been blessed with the best companions and the most amazing experiences I could have ever asked for! :)

Well, I guess that's about it. I am loving life here in the mission! I wish I could write forever and tell you about all the neat experiences I am having! I guess I'll just have to wait for a month more and tell you in person. :) I love you all; you are in my prayers every day. Have a wonderful week, and Happy September!

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